City of Salisbury

2017 Award Winner
Award Category: Local Government Award – Organisation

Jim Binder and Craig Johansen accepting the Walking Award for City of Salisbury's Local Government Award - Organisation

Jim Binder and Craig Johansen accepting the Walking Award for City of Salisbury's Local Government Award - Organisation


The City of Salisbury City Plan 2030 includes the focus areas of ‘The Sustainable City’ and the ‘Liveable City’ which highlights :

  • the ability for the community to actively experience our urban & natural spaces;
  • encouraging participate in community life because it is a City with interesting places and experiences.
  • Developing Infrastructure which supports the active and healthy lifestyle choices of the local community.

This fits into the objectives and targets of the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and SA’s Strategic Plan, given that it:

  • provides trails within an environment that is inviting and conducive to passive and active recreational pursuits
  • gives opportunity for the local community to be active and have the opportunity to maintain a healthy weight. The Trails are universal in design and cater for all sectors of the community by applying DDA and accessibility principles.

The City of Salisbury Green Trails Masterplan is considered a key element to the implementation of local economic stimulus through tourism initiatives, which have been identified in the City of Salisbury’s Tourism and Visitor strategy.

The City of Salisbury’s Regional Public Health Plan includes the following objectives which highlight the importance of walking to the health and wellbeing of the community.

  • To deliver initiatives that will enhance the mental wellbeing of the Salisbury community
  • To provide and increase opportunities to live healthy lifestyles, have access to healthy food and be physically active
  • To develop healthy built and natural environments that meet the needs of Salisbury’s community today and into the future

Walking Infrastructure Development

The City of Salisbury in the last 6 years has developed and delivered a Green Trails Masterplan. This project seeks to stablish an off road commuter route across the city (and beyond) through the many linked reserves connecting the business centres of Salisbury City centre to Mawson Lakes via the Little Para River and Dry Creek corridors.

Supporting this project, public furniture and signage is being provided at strategic points. eg. Directional signage for local points of interest as well as orientation for users who are not local to the immediate area and which identify notable environmental or historical features.

The Green Trails project is an ongoing project being delivered to ground as funding is secured. The project commenced in 2011 with the first section of sealing of the Little Para River Linear trail. Council is working with State partners (DPTI Rail & DPTI Open Space) at present to deliver the next stage to get commuters and recreational users over the Rail Corridor at Mawson Lakes.

The objective of the City Trail project is to deliver a sealed off road shared use path that can be used by pedestrians & cyclists alike, for the purpose of recreation and commuting across the city. This includes upgrading of the existing trail network and the establishment of new trail areas where the trail does not exist.

The delivery of infrastructure enables the community of Salisbury to have active and healthy lifestyles as well as providing the opportunity for the community to experience the urban and natural spaces within the City. The council has seen an increase in feedback / engagement from the community due to the delivery of the project to date, with users providing feedback on the success that it has been as well as suggesting improvements that could be made to better facilitate walking & cycling within the City. There has been positive feedback from the community and observed increases in the use of the trail in areas where previously there was little or no pedestrian traffic due to lack of infrastructure. This includes walking and cycling as well as more passive activities such as bird watching.

Lowie’s Loop

One of Salisbury’s newest address, Boardwalk at Greentree, is a master-planned neighbourhood surrounded by water. The construction of this 122 allotment development is now complete and features include the playground, new walking trails and a beautiful new boardwalk.

One initiative in this development, was Lowie’s Loop a 1km children’s exploratory nature play trail that encourages children to get out and explore the natural environment.

Lowie’s Loop in the City of Salisbury was officially opened on October 9th 2016. Children can follow Lowie’s Trail Markers and footprints that are stamped into parts of the subdivision’s concrete footpaths and also enjoy the unique play elements and large grassed areas. There is also a Lowie’s Loop colouring-in book and children’s story is available from the Council Office at 12 James Street, Salisbury or you can download and print off your own copy here. This book was produced by the City of Salisbury in conjunction with Opal to encourage the children of Salisbury to explore our natural environments.

Community & Statewide Profile

The City of Salisbury is lucky enough to have approximately 77km of off-road trails (Recognised trails, reserve connections and parks and reserves)

In 2016 the City of Salisbury official Calendar was entitled ‘Hidden Gems’ and featured our wonderful parks and reserves.

Trails network

As well as updating the councils Trail website City of Salisbury staff have worked proactively with a number of organisations to have our trail listings included, updated (Walking SA; Bike SA; Trails SA) and have shared information and resources to the benefit of all parties. This has greatly assisted the general public looking for information on where to walk, what to expect as well as helpful information to assist in their planning and enjoyment of a walk in our City.

Heart Foundation Walking

The City of Salisbury has over the last 12 years forged a very strong and close relationship with the Heart Foundation & Heart Foundation Walking (the organisation & it’s staff) in particular. The City of Salisbury has been involved in HFW for 12 years and currently has 252 walkers ; 11 groups and 29,108 walks achieved. Many people recognise our walkers on walks via their red Heart Foundation Walking tops. One of our Heart Foundation Walking groups is featured on landmark signage in the City Centre. (next to Parabanks Shopping centre).

The City of Salisbury has a strong partnership with Heart Foundation Walking and their staff which has led to the involvement of local groups, walk organisers and local coordinator being involved in several promotional pieces (video clips and written pieces) for Heart Foundation Walking.

The City of Salisbury runs regular Heart Foundation Park Walks that promote walking and involvement by both Heart Foundation walkers and the general community. (latest Park Walk held Saturday 23rd September 2017 along the Dry Creek Trail promoting the new fitness equipment that has recently been installed there.

This strong profile that has been created within our local community has been forged over time and is strongly linked to the fundamental aims and results of the Heart Foundation walking program:

  • Getting more people walking more often
  • Providing a safe, enjoyable (sociable) & friendly environment for people Helping people increase their level of physical activity
  • Developing people’s confidence and competence through walking.
  • By being part of a group you are more likely to make a commitment to walking regularly.
  • We are constantly reminded of the importance of social connection… they come for the walking, they stay for the talking.

Participants provide lots of positive feedback – it’s a chance to exercise; good for my health; meet new people; shows me where I can walk.

In surveying leaders and participants – they indicate that there should be increased levels of advertising and promotion… but by far the most productive method is ‘word of mouth’.‘I have a great group – who are now like family after 11 years’. ‘I like the fact that there is an organisation behind us’ Survey…the majority of volunteers say they lead groups to:

  • Give back to the community
  • improve their own health and fitness

By leading a Heart Foundation Walking group – they have to be there ! …leaders feel supported ‘we are in it for the long term.’

Salisbury Xmas Pageant: Every year for the last 10 years – Heart Foundation Walkers from our local groups have participated in the ‘Living Well ‘ section of the Salisbury pageant. In 2016 we had 40 Heart Foundation Walkers taking part. This both promotes the group as well as demonstrating Active Ageing & a healthy & vibrant Salisbury.

Recognition of the Importance of Walking / Awards

The City of Salisbury actively looks for ways in which to highlight the importance of walking and creating a profile for Walking in the local community. The promotion of recreational activities which utilize the trail network such as the Heart Foundation Walking groups and the Cycle Salisbury program, has led to the trails and reserves having increased usage.

Our Heart Foundation Walking groups continue to educate, promote and encourage the community of Salisbury to have active lifestyles and utilise the new trails. This program has helped to break down barriers within the community to becoming active in the city’s open space areas.

The contribution of this program to the city was highlighted in November 2017 when the City of Salisbury’s Heart Foundation Walk organisers were awarded the Active Legend Award at the City of Salisbury’s Legends Award night. These awards are about acknowledging people that inspire others, and help make the City of Salisbury a wonderful place to live, work, play and study.

The Salisbury Heart Foundation Walk Organisers

‘The Salisbury Heart Foundation Walk Organisers provide opportunities for residents to live a healthy lifestyle by providing FREE and regular opportunities to get active and socialise. Salisbury has more than 70km of fantastic trails and reserves such as the Little Para, Dry Creek and Cobbler Creek trails. Having natural resources and infrastructure is one thing – but giving people the confidence and motivation to walk and explore is another. That’s why this group is so valuable. Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s only national network of free, community based walking groups, led by volunteer Walk Organisers. The first Heart Foundation Walking group started in Salisbury in 2005. There are now 11 groups, more than 250 registered walkers and 28,430 walks have been achieved. These volunteer group leaders inspire. They are improving the lives of people in the Salisbury community and even get involved in major events such as the annual Salisbury Christmas Parade’

Walking SA Award – Local Government Individual – October 2016 (Jim Binder)

The City of Salisbury were one of the first Local Government areas in SA to register with the Heart Foundation’s Just Walk It (now known as Heart Foundation Walking) program in 2005. Jim Binder was identified as the Local Coordinator and established numerous groups across the council area. Over the past 11 years, Jim has worked with local community members to establish walking groups for population groups that are least likely to be active including older South Australians, low income groups and people with English as a second language. Jim has worked within the council to advocate for more walkable communities through the use of walkability tools. In October 2016 Jim won a Walking SA Award – Local Government Individual.

Today Jim is the Local Coordinator for 11 groups across the council area and these groups have achieved in excess of 20,000 walks! He is the local contact point for the groups and successfully supports 35 volunteer Walk Organisers in the council to lead free walking opportunities within the council.

The City of Salisbury has been recognized for the development of infrastructure and the active promotion and encouragement of residents to use the wonderful assets (trails) we have by being one of the inaugural recipients of the 2016 Safe Cycling Awards, which were announced at the Local Government Association’s annual conference in October 2016.

Walk Organisers from the City of Salisbury have been nominated for and have won:

  • the Heart Foundation Walk Organiser of the Year Award (Golden Shoe Award)
  • 2017 HFW Golden Shoe Awards SA – Walk organisers – Lorraine Thalbourne (Para Hills Walkers)
  • 2016 HFW Golden Shoe Awards SA – Walk organisers – Ambika & Indira Dulal (Bhutanese Healthy walking group)

About the Walking Awards

Walking SA has initiated annual awards to recognise sustained and outstanding contribution to walking at all levels throughout South Australia.

Many volunteers and others have contributed to South Australia’s great walking trails, waling clubs, and walking promotion and opportunities for health, wellbeing, recreation and tourism.

If you know of someone who should be considered for an award please do consider nominating them, nominations are taken throughout the year.