Colin Edwards, Friends of the Heysen Trail

2016 Award Winner
Award Category: Longstanding Contribution / Distinguished Service Award - Individual

Colin joined the Friends of the Heysen Trail (the Friends) in 1989. Colin has given many years to assisting the management of the Friends, both with leading walks and trail development and maintenance. Not only management, Colin is very hands on, being one to lead the way. The Friends are very fortunate to have a worker and leader of Colin’s capability assisting them over so many years.

  • Member of the walking committee: 1991 to 2002
  • Council member: 1991 to 1994 and then 2013 to current
  • President: 1993
  • Office volunteer: about 10 years to current
  • Active Friends walk leader: for scheduled day walks since 1991

Over the years Colin was a leader/organiser of about 12 catered 3 day walking events. For as long as we can remember, Colin has assisted with the Heysen Trail maintenance program. In 2005 he took on the role of Section Leader for a section of the trail in the Adelaide Hills. Since 2009 Colin has been a key organiser of new infrastructure programs, including the funding and installation of 10 new water tanks and numerous camping benches installed at campsites along the Heysen Trail. He now leads small team with the fabrication of new toilets, plus coordinating their on-site construction. In 2010 Colin became the Trail Development Coordinator, overseeing and scheduling work for the approx 70 volunteers working on the 1,200km Trail. He is the Friends key liaison person with Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, the Heysen Trail managers. In 2013-14 he assisted the Walking SA group re-establishing the Mount Lofty Trails, as a member of their sub-committee and organising work groups for trail marking etc.

About the Walking Awards

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