Saree Sahelis

2023 Award Winner
Award Category: Outstanding Group or Individual Contribution to advance walking inclusivity: Outstanding group or individual contribution to make walking an all-inclusive activity

Presentation of Walking Award to the Saree Sahelis, 9th November 2023

Presentation of Walking Award to the Saree Sahelis, 9th November 2023

Awarded in recognition of your role in challenging the stereotype that traditional clothing restricts physical activity and to advocate for inclusivity in embracing fitness as a community. Saree means ‘All’ and Sahelis means ‘Friends’. Your group of Australian women of Indian origin demonstrated their passion by promoting awareness of the role of physical activity in preventing chronic health conditions. Your commitment was a colourful and poignant display, culminating at the Lumary City2Bay 2023 event, where a diverse team of 150 women, men, and children donned their traditional attire to walk their way into our hearts and minds.

About the Walking Awards

Walking SA has initiated annual awards to recognise sustained and outstanding contribution to walking at all levels throughout South Australia.

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