Friends of the Heysen Trail

2016 Award Winner
Award Category: Special Recognition Award - Group / Organisation

The Friends of the Heysen Trail were formed in 1986 to undertake the development and maintenance of the Heysen Trail and other walking trails which they have steadfastly done for over 25 years. Current membership is approximately 1,000. The Friends of the Heysen Trail coordinate many groups and individuals who maintain the 1,200km trail. Recent years have seen the Friends of the Heysen Trail fund and install 10 new water tanks along the Heysen Trail. They currently have a three year plan to remark the entire Heysen Trail to bring it up to and beyond world standard marking.

Whilst focusing on the Heysen Trail, the Friends of the Heysen Trail also support other trails. They were actively involved in the redevelopment of the Mount Lofty walking trails providing on-ground support. They also support The Lavender Federation Trail with monetary contributions. Additionally, the Friends have built walkers huts, installed water tanks, toilets and benches at various camp sites along the Trail for the benefit of walkers.

About the Walking Awards

Walking SA has initiated annual awards to recognise sustained and outstanding contribution to walking at all levels throughout South Australia.

Many volunteers and others have contributed to South Australia’s great walking trails, waling clubs, and walking promotion and opportunities for health, wellbeing, recreation and tourism.

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