10 Great Bushwalks Accessible by Public Transport

There are plenty of great hikes accessible by Adelaide Metro bus and train.

We’ve outlined 10 below. Explore more hikes accessible by public transport in our Find a Place to Walk directory by selecting the Transport filter.

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Ten Great Hikes Accessible by Train or Bus

Three Falls Grand Hike, Morialta1.

Three Falls Grand Hike, Morialta

7.3km, 3.5 hours

A hike that visits all three of the waterfalls in Morialta Conservation Park, skirting around the gorge up Fourth Creek past First Falls, Second Falls and Third Falls.

To commence this hike, get off the Adelaide Metro bus at bus stop 27 on Stradbroke Road, and walk up the Fourth Creek Walk to the top carpark.

River Trail, Sturt Gorge2.

River Trail, Sturt Gorge

9.8km, 4-5 hours

The River Trail follows the Sturt River through Sturt Gorge. It explores the rugged beauty of the river, including waterfalls, flowing creeks and rocky gorges.

The trail could be walked one-way by using Adelaide Metro public bus to return, from Bus Stop 28 Main South Road to Bus Stop 37B Coromandel Parade

Brownhill Creek and Belair Hike Loop3.

Brownhill Creek and Belair Hike Loop

13.7km, 3-5 hours

This loop hike traverses the Brownhill Creek valley, through and beyond Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, up the Yurrebilla Trail and into Belair National Park.

Catch the Adelaide Metro train to Belair Train Station (on the Belair Line) and commence walking there. The directions commence from the base of Brownhill Creek, but you could easily start your loop mid way at direction #12, at Belair Train Station.

Mylor to Aldgate Loop along the Heysen Trail4.

Mylor to Aldgate Loop along the Heysen Trail

10.2km, 2-3 hours

A 10km circuit hike along the Heysen Trail, through Mylor Conservation Park and Aldgate Valley.

Commence from Aldgate, walking the Aldgate Valley Nature Walk to Mylor, and returning via the Heysen Trail through remnant woodland in Mylor Conservation Park. Aldgate Valley Nature Walk connects a series of nature reserves and some quiet country lane walking.

Commence this hike from the Adelaide Metro bus stop 42 Mt Barker Road, Aldgate.

Anstey Hill Loop5.

Anstey Hill Loop

7.5km, 2-3 hours

This 7.5km loop walk around Ansteys Hill Recreation Park includes some steep climbs, superb views over the Adelaide Plains, some of the wildlife of the park, and the ruins of Newmans Nursery.

Access this hike from the Adelaide Metro bus stop 51B, North East Road, Tea Tree Gully, on route 557, or the 542 to bus stop 52 North East Road (700m from park entrance).

Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve Loop6.

Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve Loop

5.7km, 2 hours return

A loop walk through the Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve walking trails. The park borders the Adelaide Plains and Belair, providing for some good climbs, city views, and walking through intact Grey Box grassy woodlands.

Access this loop hike from the Lynton Train Station, on the Adelaide Metro Belair Line.

Waterfall Hike7.

Waterfall Hike, Belair National Park

6.5km, 3 hours

The most challenging trail in the park takes you through Echo Tunnel and to the picturesque rock escarpments of the Upper and Lower Waterfalls.

Catch the train to Belair Train Station (on the Adelaide Metro Belair Line) and commence walking there. Follow the Microcarpa Hike to the trailhead near Pines 1 & 2, commencing the Waterfall Hike there.

Mount Lofty to Bridgewater on the Heysen Trail8.

Mount Lofty to Bridgewater on the Heysen Trail

7.5km, 2-3 hours one way (15km return, 4-6 hours return)

Highlight walk of the Heysen Trail, from Mount Lofty Summit, views over Piccadilly Valley, the forest in Mount George Conservation Park, two tunnels, the Fairy Garden in Deanery Reserve and on to Old Bridgewater Mill.

Although this is a one-way hike, public transport can be easily used to avoid returning by the same route, or to avoid using two cars. Catch the Adelaide Metro bus, route 864, from bus stop 46 on Mount Barker Road Summit Road to Crafers Interchange, where you can transfer to an 823 bus service to bu stop 26 at Mount Lofty Summit. The 823 bus only runs 3-4 times a day, so be sure to check out the timetable first.

Shepherds Hill Viaduct Track Loop9.

Shepherds Hill Viaduct Track Loop

6.1km, 2-3 hours

Explore the trails in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park. Follow River Red Gum Loop then through Watiparinga Reserve to the old railway tunnel and viaduct remains.

This hike can be accessed via:

Wine Shanty Hike10.

Wine Shanty Hike, Cleland National Park

10km, 4 hours

A circuit bushwalk through Cleland National Park, through stringbark forest, some steep climbs with gentler sections. Hike past Keirs Ruin, an old farm house abandoned in the 1900s.

Commence this hike at the park entrance gate from the Adelaide Metro Bus Stop 18 on Greenhill Road.