Park of the Month
Innes National Park

Innes National Park is the National Parks SA Park of the Month for January 2019.

Below we’ve outlined 8 walks and trails to experience the park. The park is a great destination for camping, fishing, surfing and short walks to coastal lookouts. There is an abundance of birds and animals to see while you catch some of the best coastal views in South Australia. All of the park is accessible by 2WD, so it’s perfect for day visits and a paradise for beach lovers.

8 Walks and Hikes in Innes National Park

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk1.

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk

600m, 1 hour return, Easy Walk

This short walk provides spectacular views from Cape Spencer, including of the Althorpe Islands.

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Counting Walking to Make Walking Count

To cross from the parklands to the nRAH took 5 minutes over three sets of lights, and to cross from the nRAH over to the Newmarket we waited 3 minutes and 30 seconds for the green man, which did not stay green long enough for us to get across all of the 6 car lanes.

It is generally taken for granted that we measure current motor vehicle travel and predict future vehicle travel through transport models. But the measurement of walking is often piecemeal and reactive. There are few serious attempts to systematically estimate future walking. In addition the things that we value the most in our streets, such as the quality of the public realm, places to sit, and space for pedestrians are rarely given a quantified value, and hence are often value engineered out when budgets get tight.

That’s according to Darren Davis, Transport and Land Use Integration Programme Manager from Auckland City Council when he was hosted by the Heart Foundation for a 3 day visit to Adelaide. Darren presented to the South Australian Active Living Coalition on his work boosting the number of people using public transport and, walking and cycling in Auckland.

Darren commissioned the research report Measuring Pedestrian Delay into how much walking is done in Auckland’s city centre, how much delay pedestrians experience due to traffic lights and crowded footpaths, and how much this costs both them and the economy.

The research has calculated that the benefits of a planned conversion of Auckland’s main shopping street to a transit mall will be over $700,000 benefits per block per year. The annual cost of pedestrian delay at just one of the intersections measured was $2.2M.

While he was in Adelaide Walking SA board members Tuesday Udell (Heart Foundation) and Ian Radbone (BISA) took Darren for a walk down North Terrace to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. There are a number of issues for those walking and cycling in the west end of North Tce, including the need for safe crossing points, and improving the pedestrian priority at existing signalised crossings. To cross from the parklands to the nRAH took 5 minutes over three sets of lights, and to cross from the nRAH over to the Newmarket we waited 3 minutes and 30 seconds for the green man, which did not stay green long enough for us to get across all of the 6 car lanes.

The Walking SA board members will be meeting with DPTI executive later this month to discuss how to make things better and safer for pedestrians at the western end of North Terrace.

For more information view the report Measuring Pedestrian Delay.

Celebration of the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail, May 5 2018

Saturday 5th May 2018
Lennon Street Park, Clare

South Australian Recreational Trails Inc (SARTI) is an organisation member of Walking SA. The Lavender Federation Trail is a project of SARTI.

SARTI and Friends of the Riesling Trail invite you to attend the celebration of the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail which commenced in 1997 and will be finished in 2018. The latest section, from Marnoora to Clare will be opened as part of the day. There will be displays and information from the walking community, outdoor stores and promoters of healthy lifestyles.

  • 9am onwards: guided walks available on sections of the trail.
  • 12noon: Lunches available for purchase.
  • 12:30pm: Official Opening

All are welcome. Map 6 covering the Manoora to Clare section of the trail will be launched at this event.

Walk for the Heysen 2018

Sunday 29 April 2018
Bridgewater Oval

There will be a number of guided walks available, and lunch included.

The Warren Bonython Heysen Trail Foundation is an organisation member of Walking SA (Friends of the Heysen Trail are a highly valued club member).

The Foundation conducts an annual fundraising walk to support the activities of the foundation, focussed at supporting the development of the Heysen Trail.

Churchill Scholarship SA

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has undertaken to recognize and perpetuate the work of some of our outstanding Fellows.  As such the Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia would like to build on the work of Terry Lavender by raising funds to create a one-off fellowship titled The Terry Lavender Churchill Fellowship – To investigate ways to develop, improve, manage and promote outdoor recreational trails and pursuits to be awarded in 2018.

For more information contact

New Organisation Member – Scouts SA

Walking SA welcomes Scouts SA as our latest organisation member. The Scout SA Bushwalking Team provides adventurous and diverse bushwalking opportunities to young people and adults within the Scouting movement. We provide accredited bushwalking and leadership training to VET standards and opportunities to explore many diverse South Australian landscapes by foot. While we specifically support Scout Groups both in metropolitan and rural areas, we are always welcoming of new members looking to join our team. We also never hesitate to assist with any idea, request or requirement relevant to bushwalking.

Read more about the Scout SA Bushwalking Team.

Walktober 2017 a success

Walktober 2017 built upon the success of Walktober 2016 and worked across many activities:

  • The themed “best walk” lists encouraged people to explore more walking opportunities, proving once again to be popular and engaging. The lists are an effective way to reach people through the State, regardless of where they live. The lists of Accessible walks, prams walks and kid-friendly walks were popular.
  • The “view from my walk” social media promotion was a success, building upon previous years and Walking SA’s rising profile to receive more entries. It saw significantly increased engagement compared to previous year. Over 600 public entries were made on social media. There was a broad range of walking experiences, including walking for transport (suburban) and walking for leisure and health (hiking, evening walks, park walks).
  • Overall the major event “Trails Less Travelled” was a success, connecting people with walking resources and promoting the many walking opportunities that are alternatives to the popular Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty walking trail. The event encouraged more people to walk more often. The event helped to position Walking SA as a knowledge leader and conduit to discover walking destinations in SA.
  • The Walking SA 2017 Walking Awards promoted and recognized the role and contribution of walking in our community. The program was more successful than last year which raised the profile and awareness of walking. This places the program in a good position for further reach in future years.
  • The events calendar and supported events connected people with more and new walking opportunities.

Email subscriptions grew by 34% (700 subscribers), and individual financial membership grew by 18 people, which are both generally consistent with marketing funnels

Find out more about the promotion at

Park of the Month
Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park – Winaityinaityi Pangkara

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park – Winaityinaityi Pangkara – is the National Parks SA Park of the Month for November 2017.

Adelaide Shorebirds Festival is celebrating this Park of the Month throughout November.

There’s lots of activities like kayaking, snorkelling and river cruises, and you can also see some of the birds on some of the walking trails in the park.

Below we’ve outlined 5 walks and trails to see some of the shorebirds and experience the unique coastal habitats.

Walking Trails to see Shorebirds

Third Creek Trail, Samphire Coast Shorebird Trails, Thompson Beach1.

Third Creek Trail, Samphire Coast Shorebird Trails, Thompson Beach

3.4km, 1 hour

The Third Creek Trail is one of the Samphire Coast Shorebird Trails at Thompson Beach. Follow the trail to learn about the lives of shorebirds and the samphire smorgasboard. Look for up to 40 species of shorebirds and waterbirds.

The trail has recently been upgraded with new signage and new compacted gravel. The upgraded section is a 900m loop from the trailhead, and the remaining trail is easily walked to Third Creek.

The Third Creek Trail starts from the southern end of the Esplanade. Brochures and maps are often available at the Third Creek Trail trailhead, or you can download the brochure.

There is a free Ranger Guided Walk along this trail on Thursday 16 November.

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Best summit hikes in South Australia

Hiking up to the summit of a mountain can be a rewarding experience. On the walk up you might wonder why you undertook such an adventure, but often reaching the summit is exhilarating.

We’ve outlined some of the best summit hikes in SA below.

Throughout October we’re celebrating walking with #WalktoberSA. View other lists of Best Walks.

14 of the Best Mountain Hikes in SA

Ridge Trail, Mount George Conservation Park1.

Ridge Trail, Mount George Conservation Park

2.4km, 2 hours

A short hike along fire tracks & walking trails, through a secluded forest to the summit of Mt George, with magnificent views from a rocky outcrop lookout.

Where: Located just off the freeway near Bridgewater, the hike makes an ideal evening adventure.

When to Hike: The park is closed on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger and may be closed on days of Extreme Fire Danger.

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Walking events for the end of October – WalktoberSA

Find a walking event near you, social share

October is WalktoberSA – we’re celebrating walking throughout South Australia.

There are plenty of walking events to join in, here are some great events to get out this weekend to enjoy walking:

  • Sun 29/10: Walk in the Vines

    Healthy Active Lifestyles Onkaparinga (HALO) invites you to a morning of FREE fun and physical activity by participating in walk in the vines. Enjoy the beautiful Coast to Vines Rail Trail in McLaren Vale wine region and celebrate Walktober.

    – 4km or 6km (allow 1 to 2 hours depending on distance)
    – Level of difficulty: Easy

    View event details

  • Sun 29/10: Trailblazer by the Sea

    A coastal walk or run (5km, 8km, 28km or 50km) from Semaphore to Hallett Cove. All abilities and ages welcome. Teams or individuals.

    View event details

  • Sun 29/10: Onkaparinga River National Park by Friends of the Heysen Trail

    Explore the Nature Trail and new ridge walk Punchbowl Link Trail out to the Lookout, hosted by the Friends of the Heysen Trail. Walk fee $8, u18 $1.

    View event details

  • Sun 29/10: Belair National Park by Friends of the Heysen Trail

    A pleasant loop walk through and around the Park, up and down a few hills, on and off track and mostly away from the more popular trails in the Park. Hosted by the Friends of the Heysen Trail. Walk fee $8, u18 $1.

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  • Throughout October: Heart Foundation Walking Groups

    With many groups throughout SA, at different times and locations, this is a fun, social and easy way to get active. Join Australia’s largest network of free community-based walking groups, with walks from 30 minutes to several hours. Groups for all sorts of people, paces and places: over-50s, parents and prams, workplaces, cultural groups and more. Beginners welcome. Find walking groups close to you by entering your postcode into the Find a Walk search.

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  • Last minute opportunity!
    Oct 31 to Nov 6: Conquer KI Wilderness Trek

    Arthritis SA has one last minute vacancy on its amazing 7 day kangaroo island Wilderness trek. The walk is fully catered with tent sleeping on 4 nights and hotel accommodation. No fund raising required. Normally $2,500 all inclusive – available for $1,500.

    Contact Julie Black, CEO, Arthritis SA:

    The remote and spectacular new Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail will be traversed by a small band of people to draw attention to arthritis and raise money for research into treatments.

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Best Walks for Kids under 7 (updated)

[This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated in October 2017]

There’s plenty of short hikes that are great for kids under 7, with opportunities to explore nature and see wildlife.

Throughout October we’re celebrating walking with #WalktoberSA.

This article complements the Best Walks for Kids 7-12yo article we recently published.

16 Great Hikes and Walks for Kids Under 7

Punchbowl Lookout Walk1.

Punchbowl Lookout Walk

Walk suitable for prams and strollers Walk suitable for those with mobility issues including wheelchairs

2km, 1 hour return

A new trail opened in September 2017. The one kilometre trail visits a new lookout above The Punchbowl, where you can see spectacular views into the Onkaparinga Gorge. The trail is a consistent one metre wide and made of compacted gravel, and with gentle contoured gradients, so as such is suitable for those with mobility access issues, including wheelchairs and prams. There is some seating mid-way along the trail.

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Best Walks for Kids 7-12yo (updated)

[This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated in October 2017]

There are loads of great hikes around South Australia for kids aged 7 to 12, with opportunities to explore rock formations, big trees, caves, creeks, waterfalls and see wildlife. We’ve listed some of the best ones below.

Throughout October we’re celebrating walking with #WalktoberSA.

This article complements the Best Walks for Kids under 7 article we recently published.

21 Great Hikes and Walks for Kids 7 to 12 Years Old

Michael Perry Botanic Reserve1.

Michael Perry Botanic Reserve

Walk suitable for prams and strollers Walk suitable for dog walking

1.7km, 1 hour

Walk along a 1.7km loop through the quiet reserve following Second Creek to see the wildlife, aquatic life and remnants of the exotic plants.

Kids would enjoy the creek that the trail follows.

The path may be suitable for prams, but is a bit rough for wheelchairs. There are some steps near triangle area between the toilets and Kurrajong Avenue, but there is a steep ramped trail up to Kurrajong Avenue that avoids the steps.

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Share your “view from my walk” for a chance to win a weekly prize throughout October

Share your “view from my walk” photo using #walktoberSA for a chance to win a weekly prize throughout October.

Take a walk in a nearby park, along the beach, along a river, in a national park or on your walk to work – anywhere in #SouthAustralia. October is ideal for walking – the temperatures are mild and the evenings are getting longer.

The weekly prizes for the fourth week, thanks to Rays, is a chance to win a $250 voucher. With Rays you can find gear to go for a hike, a paddle, or camp, and outdoor clothing and footwear for men, women and kids.

This week’s prizes will be drawn Monday 30/10/17.

Last week’s winners were announced just now on Facebook and Instagram, and the winning photos are displayed below.

Good luck and enjoy a walk! You’re just two feet from some of the best places in South Australia.

Enter via Instagram or Twitter. Facebook users can post direct to our page to share their photo.

View T&C.

The competition is part of Walktober SA – celebrating walking throughout October.

Week 3’s Winners

The winners for the third week of October, thanks to National Parks SA, have one of 6 National Parks Passes or one of two 2 Family Passes for Cleland Wildlife Park. Walk, cycle, holiday, hike, camp, 4WD, swim and more in inspiring natural places. From seemingly endless red sand dunes to rugged mountain scenery, sandy beaches, diverse bushland and cherished picnic and camping grounds, South Australia boasts an extensive and comprehensive parks system.

Park of the Month
Flinders Chase National Park
October 2017

Flinders Chase National Park, on Kangaroo Island, is the National Parks SA Park of the Month for October 2017.

Experience the rugged wilderness with its iconic landmarks such as the world-famous Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. Enjoy the park and its diverse wildlife on the network of walking trails. Trek the five day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail on assisted day walks or camping out along the way.

Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area connects the two sections of Flinders Chase National Park. Below we’ve outlined 19 hikes and trails in the two parks.

19 Great Hikes and Trails in Flinders Chase National Park

Discovery Walk1.

Discovery Walk

Easy walk, 400m, 10 mins return

This short walk will take you from the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre to the Walking Trail Information Shelter overlooking Black Swamp. Interpretive signs along the way will help hone your wildlife observation skills. Signs at the Black Swamp Lookout shelter give information about other hikes and walks accessed from here.

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50 Pram and Wheelchair Accessible Walks and Hikes

Adelaide and South Australia has many walking trails and hiking paths that are accessible to prams, strollers and people with mobility issues, including wheelchairs. We’ve outlined some of the best ones below.

The walks can also be great for children to ride their bikes along with their parents walking beside them.

We’ve broken the list down into 3 sections:

  1. Adelaide Metro Area (29 walks)
  2. Bush Walks (13 hikes)
  3. Regional South Australia (8 walks)

Throughout October we’re celebrating walking with #WalktoberSA.

Here’s a short selection of great hikes

Section 1 of 3. Adelaide Metro Area

Adelaide Park Lands Trail (loop ring route)1.

Adelaide Park Lands Trail

Walk suitable for prams and strollers Walk suitable for those with mobility issues including wheelchairs Walk suitable for dog walking

Series of connected walking and cycling trails through the parklands which loop around the city. Bisected by the River Torrens, offering the option to do either the southern or northern loops and loop back via the river.

  • Full circuit (around south Adelaide and North Adelaide): 18.1km
  • southern Adelaide circuit, using Torrens River to link up: 16km
  • North Adelaide circuit, using Torrens River to link up: 9km

The trail is an initiative of Adelaide City Council, who describe the trail as: “The trail is suitable for basic riders, family groups and mobility aid users.”

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