Walking Trails along the Coorong

Coorong National Park is the National Parks SA Park of the Month for March 2019.

We’ve outlined 11 walking trails that are scattered along the 130km long Coorong, both in the national park but also in small reserves and in the nearby Coorong gateway town of Meningie.

Located about a 2 hour drive south-east of Adelaide, the Coorong is a wetland of international importance. It is where Australia’s largest river system, the Murray-Darling flows out to the Southern Ocean and is home to over 200 species of birds as well as many migratory birds that arrive each summer.

There’s plenty to do: hiking, bird watching, boating, kayaking, fishing, camping, four-wheel driving and European and cultural history.

Trails along the Coorong and nearby gateway town Meningie

Chinaman’s Well Historic Site Journey to Gold Walk1.

Chinaman’s Well Historic Site Journey to Gold Walk

900m, 1 hour, Easy walk

Follow the Journey to Gold Walk to the Chinaman’s Well historic site to find the stone well and associated quarries, natural waterhole and learn about the history of the gold rush.

How would you move an 1,000kg slab of sandstone 900 metres and then lift it 1.5m off the ground to place it on top of the well? Today we would use a forklift, but in 1850 this was one of the problems faced by the Chinese.

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