A Path Forward for the the Hallett Cove Boardwalk

The future of the popular Hallett Cove Boardwalk, also known as the Marion Coastal Walking Trail or Coastal Walkway, was put into doubt in October 2019 following concerns about structural issues which saw some sections having been closed for some time, and a 2.5km section of the 8km trail needing considerable upgrading for it to be re-opened. There are temporary street detours in place.

Hallett Cove is not only beautiful, it is also one of the most geologically significant sites in Australia. The boardwalk allows access to otherwise inaccessible parts of the coastline.

The majority of walkway expected to open by February 2020, with the Marion Council progressively repairing the 20-year-old structure over summer, which will see more than 2km re-open. This will cost $238,000 and is funded from the Council’s existing budget. Detours will continue to be in place around Kurnabinna and Grey Road gully sections. View maps of trail showing sections open, closed, and set to be re-opened by February 2020.

On November 26, the Council endorsed a $4.8 million plan to upgrade and renew further sections of 8km walkway. The plan includes investigating design realignment and rebuilding Kurnabinna and Grey Road gullies and completing the linkage of walkway between Heron Way Reserve and Field River. The Council has committed $2.44 million, and will seek matching funding from State or Federal governments to complete the necessary renewal work. The Council has developed a long-term renewal plan to completely rebuild the structures, which would cost an estimated $14.5 million over 15 years.