Walking SA supports the Montgomerie Terrace Shared Use Path, Streaky Bay

Walking SA supports the funding application for the Montgomerie Terrace Shared Use Path Project proposed by Streaky Bay Council.

We support the project’s objectives to connect and link the east and west end of Streaky Bay, to connect and provide a safe shared use path to key community facilities, and providing a better outcome for all users by separating people walking and riding bikes from the heavier tourist and agricultural traffic on Wells Street.

Specifically, the project will create a main active transport link connecting the east and west of the town, and will provide a safe route for people walking and riding bikes to and from the school.

A clearer and more identifiable shared use path with suitably marked crossing points will improve the safety of people walking and riding bikes. It will also improve active and passive surveillance on the path with lighting and the direct nature of the connection, enabling more people to use it.

Personal Mobility Device (PMD) Use in South Australia

Walking SA welcomes the State Government’s review of the growing role of e-scooters and other small-wheeled electrically driven vehicles. The fact that scooters and skateboards can now be motorised has profoundly accelerated their use and their impact on our local footpaths. Walking SA has not formed a view on electrically driven personal mobility devices. We continue to assert that walking is the most sustainable and easiest of all mobility in our cities and that many of the trips taken by these devices would be better if walked. However, we recognise that sometimes PMDs replace car trips and can play a role in making public transport more viable.

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