Adelaide 100, July 2016 Update

We've launched a project website for the Adelaide100 trail at

Adelaide 100, July 2016 Update, brandedWalking SA has a vision for the establishment of Adelaide100 initiated by passionate Board Member Jim McLean. Adelaide is renowned for its beautiful parks and reserves that encircle our city, enhance our suburbs, thread along our coast and feature throughout the hills. Our landscape, and nature reserves coupled with a favourable climate and fantastic food and wine make Adelaide one of the most liveable places in the world. There is no other city in the world with a signposted loop trail that traverses city, coast, bush and suburbs, incorporates shorter or longer walks, provides accommodation, food, historical and cultural information and links up and promotes other trails. The Adelaide100 will link up existing infrastructure, creating short distance links and trail loops to create a 100km network.

Walking SA has been working closely with Board member Jim Mclean in further developing his vision for the Adelaide100 walking trail. This is progressing and we have recently held meetings with Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) staff to assist us in addressing specific trail details to enable the trail to utilise the maximum number of existing well maintained trails. We have also been meeting with SA Tourism Commission who are providing invaluable advice in moving this project forward.

More recently Jim and a small group walked the whole trail including addition options to “test it out”. It is fair to say that it fulfilled our vision of being a unique and enjoyable walking trail that we believe can have great appeal to south Australians as well as interstate and international tourists. Walking SA is greatly appreciative of the financial support from The Friends of the Heysen Trail and Skyline Walkers, highly valued member clubs of Walking SA.