2023 Walking Award Winners – Recognising contributions to walking in South Australia

We presented the awards for the annual Walking SA Walking Awards. The awards recognises and promotes the achievements and work of groups, organisations, local and state government, and volunteers in South Australia. The Awards process is an opportunity for public and peer recognition of achievements in walking, and demonstrates to volunteers, community groups, the recreation industry, business, government, and the wider community the significant and positive impact that can be achieved through improvements to walkability. This year the awards were expanded to include a new category, to an organisation or individual that makes walking more inclusive and an adjustment to an existing one, to value the commitment to walking of a volunteer.

Awards were presented to three organisations, a community group and one individual, celebrating their contribution to walking in South Australia. Awards were presented by Gabrielle (Gabby) Fisher, Wellbeing SA, and Rod Quintrell, Walking SA Chair.

2023 Annual Walking Award Winners

2023 Award Winner: Williamstown Action Group and Barossa Outdoors, Williamstown Action Group and Barossa Outdoors

Williamstown Action Group and Barossa Outdoors, Williamstown Action Group and Barossa Outdoors

2023 Walking for Recreation: Supporting South Australians accessing green open space for walking

Awarded for Santa Dash, an idea conceived by Matt Hale (Co-Director of Barossa Outdoors) who worked with the local volunteer progress association Williamstown Action Group (part of the Southern Barossa Alliance) to establish the event. This now annual event showcases the opportunities when …

2023 Award Winner: Skyline Walkers, Skyline Walkers

Skyline Walkers, Skyline Walkers

2023 Walking for Health: Supporting South Australians’ health and wellbeing through walking

Awarded to recognise your support of the mental and emotional health, and physical wellbeing of walkers. Your appreciation of the obvious benefits of walking through the example of lifting the spirit by walking though the fields of wildflowers on show in the Adelaide Hills in spring, taking …

2023 Award Winner: City of Charles Sturt, City of Charles Sturt

City of Charles Sturt, City of Charles Sturt

2023 Walking for Transport: Supporting South Australians making short trips by walking

Awarded for your transformation of Jetty Street, Grange in the City of Charles Sturt (CCS) into a walkable community asset. The place is home to a diverse mix of residents, businesses and schools, and attracts a range of visitors throughout the year due its close proximity to the Grange …

2023 Award Winner: Saree Sahelis

Saree Sahelis

2023 Outstanding Group or Individual Contribution to advance walking inclusivity: Outstanding group or individual contribution to make walking an all-inclusive activity

Awarded in recognition of your role in challenging the stereotype that traditional clothing restricts physical activity and to advocate for inclusivity in embracing fitness as a community. Saree means ‘All’ and Sahelis means ‘Friends’. Your group of Australian women of Indian origin …

2023 Award Winner: Bruce Newstead

Bruce Newstead

2023 Outstanding Individual Contribution of volunteer to walking: Outstanding individual contribution to walking in South Australia

Awarded to recognise you at 84 years young, as a wonderful volunteer whose passion and support for Heart Foundation Walking is infectious. Your support to help others in the Salisbury area increase their own level of physical activity, and their confidence and competence through walking is …