Best Lookouts on Hikes in SA

We’ve shortlisted some of the best hikes to take in views from lookouts. Hikes are a great way to grab some nature time, and lookouts are a great opportunity to pause and take life in.

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Walks with Awesome Lookout Viewing Points

Sugarloaf Circuit1.

Long Ridge Lookout

The lookout on the Sugarloaf in Cleland National Park provides views through the hills and over the plains.

Reach this lookout as a short sidetrip on the Sugarloaf Circuit hike (2-3 hours, 5.8km circuit) or from the Chambers Hike (3 hours, 9.6km).

Waitpinga Cliffs to Kings Beach, Heysen Trail2.

Waitpinga Cliffs Lookout

This spectacular lookout over the Waitpinga Cliffs is along the Heysen Trail west of Victor Harbor. The lookout makes a great lunch spot, with a picnic table. There is another lookout further along.

Hike to this lookout on the Waitpinga Cliffs Lookout to Kings Beach hike (11.5km, 4-6 hours one way). Keep an eye out for white-bellied sea-eagles, one of a just a few breeding pairs of sea-eagles on the mainland inhabit the cliffs here.

St Mary Peak Hike, Wilpena Pound3.

Tanderra Saddle, Wilpena Pound

An escarpment lookout on Wilpena Pound, with panoramic views up Aroona Valley as it snakes away to the north.

Hike to this lookout on the St Mary Peak Hike (19km, 9 hours return). Tanderra Saddle is about 1 hour from the summit of St Mary Peak.

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Quarry Track, Anstey Hill

A tough climb is rewarded with views over the suburbs and into the former quarry below. See this view on the Anstey Hill Loop (7.5km, 2-3 hours).

Waite Conservation Reserve & Brownhill Creek Walk5.

Waite Conservation Reserve

This lookout is on the Yurrebilla Trail, and on the Waite Conservation Reserve and Brownhill Creek Loop (9.5km, 3-4 hours).

Waite Conservation Reserve & Brownhill Creek Walk6.

Brownhill Creek Trig

Also on the Waite Conservation Reserve and Brownhill Creek Loop (9.5km, 3-4 hours), this lookout is at the top of a steep descent down Brownhill back down to Brownhill Creek.

Victor Harbor Heritage Trail, Heysen Trail Spur, the Bluff7.

The Bluff, Victor Harbor

The Bluff provides two lookouts, one over Encounter Bay in the east, and another on the western side over Petrel Cove and the southern coast.

Hike up the Bluff on the Rosetta Trail (0.8km, 1 hour), or on the Victor Harbor Heritage Trail, Heysen Trail Spur (6km, 2 hours return).

Morialta Falls Plateau Hike8.

Eagles Nest Lookout, Morialta Conservation Park

The Morialta Falls Plateau Hike (4.1km, 1.5-2 hours) loops around Morialta Gorge, providing 3 lookouts, including this one at Eagles Nest, looking into the First Falls. Further around is Deep View Lookout.

Burnside Walks, Loop of Circuit A and Circuit B9.

Burnside Walks, Checkpoint 21, near Mountview Place

This lookout is on the Burnside Walks Loop: A, B, C + D circuits (11.1km, 4 hours).

A shorter hike is the Loop of Circuit A and Circuit B (5km, 2-3 hours) with a 250 metre walk from Checkpoint 16.

Sundews River Hike, Onkaparinga River National Park10.

Sundews Lookout, Onkaparinga River National Park

Sundews Lookout provides views up Onkaparinga Gorge.

Hike to this lookout on the Sundews River Hike (5.8km, 2-4 hours) or as a sidetrip off from the easier and shorter Sundews Ridge Hike (5km, 2 hours), which also has it’s own lookout above the gorge with a picnic table.

Tatendi Hike, Onkaparinga Gorge (3 Walk Options)11.

Onkaparinga Gorge from the Tatendi Hike

Situatated above Onkaparinga Gorge, this lookout point is on the Tatendi Hike. The hike has 3 options, some which descend down into the gorge.

  • Moderate walking route circuit, 4.7km (walk anti-clockwise, trail along the river is easy to follow)
  • Difficult walking route circuit, 6.0km (Difficult navigation and difficult terrain)
  • Lookout hike, 1.5km return (easy walking route to lookout and return)

West Cape Headland Hike12.

West Cape Headland

An easy walk from the carpark, with 360 degree views into Pondalowie Bay and its islands.

Don’t miss the view from the lighthouse on the nearby West Cape Headland Hike (1.2km, 2 hours).

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk13.

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk

0.6km, 1 hour return

This short walk provides spectacular views from Cape Spencer, including of the Althorpe Islands.