Best walks to see wildflowers and flowers in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula (updated)

Updated from 2018 article.

Explore some walking trails for see some of this Spring’s native wildflowers or other flowers.

We’ve listed some walking trails near Adelaide in the Adelaide Hills, and in parks and reserves on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

In this article:

  1. Wildflower and flowers walks in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills
  2. Wildflower walks on the Fleurieu Peninsula
  3. Links to other articles to find wildflowers

Wildflowers… or weeds?

What do we mean by the term “wildflowers”? It is often understood to mean native Australian flowers growing freely in the wild. However… unfortunately some of the flowers we see growing alongside trails in our national parks and reserves are introduced species of flowers, which means they are weeds.

It could be subjective how much enjoyment someone derives from walking through nature and seeing these flowers – be they native wildflowers or introduced flowers (weeds).

Regardless – a quick public service announcement – don’t pick the flowers – either native wildflowers or weeds. The native wildflowers should be left as-is, so they keep growing in the wild. And some weeds shouldn’t be picked and transported, because it tends to encourage them to spread.

Generally in the walks we’ve listed below, we’ve tried to show native wildflowers, but we acknowledge that some of the photos will invariably be of introduced species – weeds. And a couple of the walking trails below include flowers we very much know are not native to Australia, but we’ve included the trail destinations as they’re great places to walk and see flowers and nature.

1. Wildflower and flowers walks in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

Black Hill Conservation Park

In Black Hill Conservation Park explore the wildflowers on the Black Hill Summit Hike (4.2km return Hard Hike) or the Ambers Gully Hike and Sugarloaves Trail (4.4km circuit, Moderate Hike).

georginagentle georginagentleBlack Hill
georginagentle georginagentleBlack Hill

Morialta Conservation Park

In Morialta Conservation Park explore the wildflowers on the Three Falls Grand Hike (7.3km circuit, Moderate Hike) and the Morialta Falls Plateau Hike (4.1km circuit, Moderate Hike).

kt700 kt700Morialta Conservation Park
happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Morialta Conservation Park
amyallman amyallmanMorialta Falls Walk
happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Morialta Conservation Park
happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Morialta Conservation Park

Anstey Hill Recreation Park

In Anstey Hill Recreation Park explore the wildflowers on the Wildflower Wander (3km return, Hard Hike).

muddy_pies muddy_piesAnstey Hill Recreation Park

Belair National Park

In Belair National Park explore the wildflowers on the Microcarpa Hike (4.5km circuit, Moderate Hike) and the Waterfall Hike (6.5km circuit, Moderate Hike).

Join the Friends of Belair National Park on a guided walk to explore wildflowers on Tues 9 Oct, Sun 14 Oct, Tues 13 Nov or Sun 18 Nov.

happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Belair National Park
happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Belair National Park
happyhobbit1 happyhobbit1Belair National Park
mydailyphoto mydailyphotoBelair National Park

Onkaparinga River National Park

In Onkaparinga River National Park there’s 16 trails, including the Punchbowl Lookout Walk, Hardys Scrub Hike (4km, 2-3 hours, Moderate hike) and the Nature Hike (3.5km, 3 hours, Moderate hike).

Aldgate Valley Nature Walk, between Adlgate and Mylor

The Aldgate Valley Nature Walk is a walking trail connecting a series of nature reserves and some quiet country lane walking. The walk begins at Mylor, walking through the Mylor Parklands, then traversing the Aldgate Valley native bushland, Kyle Road Nature Reserve, Nurrutti Reserve and Aldgate Valley Reserve. The reserves and native bushland are home to Southern Brown Bandicoots, kangaroos, possums, echidnas and koalas.

This 6.8km trail (13.6km return) can be started at either end, in Aldgate or Mylor. Why not combine with a cafe, with the Aldgate Pump Hotel and Aldgate cafes at one end and the Harvest Cafe in Mylor at the other. Near the Mylor trailhead there is a playground.

Extend this hike by making it a 10.2km loop hike and returning on the Heysen Trail through Mylor Conservation Park.

Jay A Jay A

Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, near Mt Crawford and Tanunda

Explore the trails in Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, a park in the hills between Mt Crawford and Tanunda.

The Wallowa Hike (10.5km return, Moderate Walk) follows walking trails from Gate 1, off Tanunda Creek Road, to the Heysen Trail. Following the Heysen Trail, there is a lookout sidetrip which offers views to Pewsey Vale and Kaiserstuhl. Throughout the park are many interesting rock formations, including Horses Head Rock.

The shorter Stringybark Hike (2.7km circuit, Moderate Hike) wanders through the flora and fauna, including grassy open areas and stringybark trees.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Located in the heart of the city but another world away… wander through the beauty and diversity of flowers and plants from across Australia and around the world.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens open from 7:15am on weekdays, and from 9:00am weekends and public holidays. During September it closes at 6pm, and October it closes at 6:30pm.

Free guided tours are available daily departing at 10.30am (except on days forecast over 36 degrees) from the Visitor Information Centre at the Schomburgk Pavilion.

Wittunga Naming Walk, Wittunga Botanic Garden

Discover the extensive collection of water-wise plants from Australia and South Africa, brilliant displays of Ericas and Proteas in spring and an extensive collection of plants from Kangaroo Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Wander on the Naming Walking which is a 1km self-guided wander around the Garden. There are 24 interpretative signs (each labelled The Naming Walk) installed throughout the garden, stationed alongside the relevant plant. Discover the interesting origins of many scientific plant names and explains how plants are named scientifically and the origins of their names. The walk is not a marked trail as such, but more of a wander around the garden. The signs are easily found. We suggest you follow the main wide bitumen paths to form a loop, and perhaps wander off on some of the smaller side trails.

Join a free guided tours every Tuesday departing at 10.30am (except on days forecast over 36 degrees) from the car park of Shepherds Hill Road.

The park includes a large lake, picnic areas and toilets. The car park and garden entrance is off Shepherds Hill Road at Eden Hills. The park is open from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 5pm on weekends and public holidays (6pm on weekends during daylight saving.) The main bitumen path is suitable for people of all abilities, including those using mobility aids, wheelchairs and prams.

anushka_babushka anushka_babushkaScott Conservation Park

Kuitpo Forest and Kyeema Conservation Park

Discover wildflowers whilst exploring the 4 shared-use trails in Kuitpo Forest and the 2 walking trails in the adjacent Kyeema Conservation Park. The Heysen Trail pass through both parks. Kuitpo Forest is 60% plantation pine forest, with the rest native scrub. In the adjacent Kyeema Conservation Park there is dense natural scrub. Explore the walks and trails.

Hale Conservation Park

Discover wildflowers whilst exploring the 4km circuit of Hale Conservation Park, exploring the rocky lookouts, waterfall and old mine diggings. Watch out for echidnas which can often be heard, and sometimes seen.

2. Wildflower walks on the Fleurieu Peninsula

There’s plenty of national parks and conservation parks on the Fleurieu Peninsula which are well worth exploring. From quiet, small parks to larger parks, there’s trails to walk to see wildflowers.

Nixon-Skinner Conservation Park near Myponga

Enjoy a short wander out and back along the walking trail in the Nixon-Skinner Conservation Park (1.3km return) to explore wildflowers.

Scott Conservation Park near Myponga

Not to be confused with the similar-sounding Scott Creek Conservation Park near Mylor, Scott Conservation Park is a delightful small park between Mount Compass and Currency Creek. Wander along the Orchid Hike (7.3km circuit, Moderate Hike) or the Watercourse Hike (2.7km circuit, Moderate Hike).

_katventures _katventuresScott Conservation Park

Mount Magnificent Conservation Park south of Kuitpo Forest

Wander along the Mount Magnificent Summit Hike Loop (3.5km circuit), there are plenty of wildflowers in the gullies off Blackfellows Creek Road.

Cox Scrub Conservation Park

Discover wildflowers whilst exploring the 3 hiking trails in Cox Scrub Conservation Park, or try this 16.3km loop from WEA Ramblers’ Map Gallery through the Park and along laneways and through nearby Finnis Conservation Park. A delight for bushwalkers and birdwatchers, Cox Scrub Conservation Park is amongst one of the larger parks on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Beautiful open stands of stringy bark and banksia understory provide habitat for a range of birdlife, including New Holland honeyeaters, superb fairywren, and red-browed finch. You may spot wildlife among the low wooded hills, including the elusive southern brown bandicoot.

Deep Creek National Park between Victor Harbor and Cape Jervis

Explore the trails in Deep Creek National Park to explore for wildflowers along the Spring Wildflower Walk (4.7km circuit, Easy walk) or the Deep Creek Waterfall Hike from Tent Rock Road (4km return, Moderate Hike).

mosaickym mosaickymDeep Creek National Park

Here’s some more ideas of where to find some wildflowers when walking: