Conference Presentation: Getting More Green Man Time

Walking SA Board member, Ian Radbone, presented at the 2019 Australian Walking & Cycling Conference which was held in Port Adelaide on 24 & 25 October 2019. The theme of the conference was Active Transport in a Changing Climate.

Presentation: Getting More Green Man Time

Pedestrian phase + cycle time. Flashing src=Australia has developed the most sophisticated traffic light management in the world, designed to minimize the disruption to traffic flow caused by intersections. How does this management apply to Adelaide’s CBD, characterised as it is by:

  1. being a city centre
  2. having a strong orthogonal (grid) street network and
  3. wide roadways?

How is the imperative to minimize traffic disruption reconciled with the professed political priority for walking over other transport modes? This paper explores the options to gain more green man time.

View Walking SA’s Position Statement on The Green Man: Improving pedestrian signal phasing at intersections and other signalised crossing points. Walking SA calls for the development of state-wide pedestrian traffic signal guidelines. Walking SA calls for councils to review pedestrian signal phasing at intersections and crossing points in busy pedestrian areas, in order to reduce pedestrian wait times.

About Ian Radbone

Ian Radbone, member of Walking SA BoardIan has a passion for active transport, particularly in urban areas. Ian is a former chair of the Bicycle Institute of SA but has also been recruited to the Board of Walking SA to promote walking as a transport activity.

With a background in transport research, town planning and public policy at the UniSA, he has a wealth of experience in transport planning, advocacy and policy development.