Conference Presentation: Measuring walking and walkability

Walking SA Board member, Bill Gehling, presented at the 2019 Australian Walking & Cycling Conference which was held in Port Adelaide on 24 & 25 October 2019. The theme of the conference was Active Transport in a Changing Climate.

Presentation: Measuring walking and walkability

Along with breathing clean air and drinking clean water, walking is so much a given in our lives that people rarely think about it. Until they can’t. Bill will discuss why measuring walking is important, and the challenges in doing so. We will explore some practical methods to measure walking and how they differ from the ways we measure car and bicycle traffic. We will also discuss walkability, which are the causal factors that encourage or discourage walking in the community. We’ll look at the new technologies becoming available to measure walking and walkability.

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About Bill Gehling

Bill has a lifetime’s love of walking and cycling, as well as a career in science, information technology and policy, measuring and counting things that matter. He is on the Board of Walking SA.