Covid-19 restrictions easing from 19 June: Walking Groups may increase numbers from 20 to 75

From this Friday, 19 June 2020, each walking group can increase from 20 to 75. Physical distancing of one person per 4sqm must still be maintained. The total number of people who can gather in one location has increased from 80 to 300 (up to 4 groups of 75). Each group of up to 75 should remain separate.

It is anticipated that the next stage of easing will occur on Monday 29 June. From this date, it is expected that group number limits will be removed, however, the limit of one person per 4sqm will remain in place.

Hygiene and cleaning practices should remain in place, and clubs should continue to maintain a process for tracking participants (in the event of an infection outbreak, this will be important to minimise the spread).

Please note the above restrictions are not recommendations by Walking SA, these are legally enforceable restrictions that we are passing on from the Premier, through the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR).

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  2. Effective May 11: Plan for resumption of walking club activities – Level B

The Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing official advice effective 19 June 2020 is:

The key points that relate to sport and recreation are as follows:

Introduction of Stage 2.5 – from Friday 19 June

  • This will be an interim step before we move to Stage 3 of the roadmap
  • The number of people allowable in a room (or a group outside) within a venue will increase from 20 to 75 providing 1 person per 4 square metres can be accommodated. This will apply to training or competition groups.
  • The total number of people allowed in a venue will increase from 80 to 300 providing 1 person per 4 square metres can be accommodated. Again this will apply to all people, indoor and outdoor who are gathered at a club.

Stage 3 will commence earlier than expected on Monday 29 June

  • There will be no room or venue limit. This will be replaced with only a density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres

From Monday 20 July

  • Border restrictions will be lifted
  • There will be no requirement on entry to SA to self-isolate for 14 days

While gyms for individual workouts can increase numbers in line with the above roadmap, increasing the cap of 10 participants in dance and fitness classes is still being considered.

We are still waiting on guidance regarding indoor contact sport.

As always organisations must submit their COVID Safe Plan before commencing activity and should ensure that cleaning and hygiene regimes are enforced.