Current Grant Opportunities (at 19th March 2015)

We’ve prepared a shortlist below of current grant opportunities available to walking clubs.

1. Office of Recreation and Sport (ORS)

Grant website:

Two ORS funding programs are open now: Closing date: 20th April 2015

1. The Active Club Program helps active recreation and sports clubs with:

  • programs and equipment (up to $5,000)
  • facility upgrade requests up to $20,000 on a $1 for $1 basis.

2. The Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program helps eligible organisations to plan, establish or improve sport and active recreation facilities that meet the needs of the community in South Australia.

2. Adelaide City Council

Grant website:

The ACC Recreation and Sport Grants Program provides funding to eligible clubs and organisations that demonstrate consistency with the Adelaide City Council Strategic Plan 2012 -2013. Program priorities are to increase people’s participation rates in physical activity and utilise public spaces.

  • Minor grants (up to $8,000) are available for Be Active in the City programs. Applications are open all year.
  • Major grants (between $10,000 & $20,000 per application). Applications can be submitted any time, but assessment is conducted twice per year.

50% of total project cost (money or in-kind support) must be matched by the fund recipient.

The ACC Active Ambassador Program provides a great opportunity for Walking Clubs interested in providing a program of guided walks in the Adelaide City Council area. A small cost could be charged for participation. The Council is particularly interested at present in ideas for school holiday programs.

Note – The Club would be required to have a Child Protection Policy, and Walk leaders would need Police Clearances.

3. Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Grant website:

DPCSI’s Community Benefit Grant scheme provides grants which aim to improve community participation, life management skills, well-being and quality of life of disadvantaged individuals, families and communities.

4. Residents Win Program

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Grant website:

Resident Win grants assist residents or groups in a community to come up with innovative solutions for creating people friendly streets and safer roads. This could be an opportunity for a regional Walking Club.

5. GRANTassist

GRANTassist can help you locate Government assistance and programs most relevant to your communities needs. This site also provides useful tools for project planning.

Grant website: