Kangaroo Island Coastline again under threat to walkers

A section of coastline along southern Kangaroo Island is again under threat to effectively being controlled by a private developer for a golf course.

This will restrict public access to and along the coast, including for walkers.

We here at Walking SA support that our coastlines should remain in public hands, and Kangaroo Island is a fantastic spot to explore and walk along the coast.

In February in response to overwhelming community concern the then Government rejected the proposed sale of land.

However, recently the new Government has proposed instead that a 50-metre-wide waterfront coastal reserve would be created to allow ongoing public access to the clifftop – which sounds like a good solution – except that because of the nature of the cliffs and landscape in many places that 50 metre mark will be right on the cliff top edge – effectively closing public access and thoroughfare.

An online petition has been started by concerned walkers.