Map of the proposed Adelaide100 trail route

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The Adelaide 100 will link up existing infrastructure, creating short distance links to create a 100km trail. Adelaide is renowned for its beautiful parks and reserves that encircle our city, enhance our suburbs, thread along our coast and feature throughout the hills. The trail will take in these beautiful areas.

As at June 2017, Walking SA has met with key staff in the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) in order to take the Adelaide100 walking trail concept to a reality, which includes engaging with key stakeholders such as land managers and nine local councils.

For the most part the trail will link up existing trails to form a circuit. A short connecting section near Norton Summit was marked in early June 2017. Some sections still require negotiation with land owners and managers, or aren’t practical to walk along. Some of the route can be walked, albeit without the trail being marked as such, and without detailed local maps. Please respect land owners and keep to existing trails, paths and roads. The following sections can be easily walked along existing trails:

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Maps of the Proposed Route

As the project progresses towards implementation, further detailed maps, brochures and apps may be developed, and the trail marked.

Overall Circuit Map

Map of the proposed Adelaide100 trail route


GPS files and maps will be improved as the project progresses from a concept to reality.