Mid North Forests Future Strategy

Mid North Forests Future StrategyFollowing the devastating 2013 and 2014 bushfires which destroyed 85% of the Wirrabara and Bundaleer forests, the Government is obtaining the views of stakeholders and the local community about the potential options.

The forests represent 1% of the state’s forestry resources, with the South East being the powerhouse of our commercial forests. If the forests were replanted, it would take 25 years to mature to harvesting readiness, and be under threat of a similar destruction as occurred. Forests in the Mid North grow at half the rate of those in the South East. The future may lie in adding Wirrabara forest into the adjacent Telowie Conservation Park.

Trees are being hurriedly harvested and shipped (the current load is too high for local sawmills) whilst the burnt trees still have commercial value.

Work is underway to restore walking trails and the Heysen Trail.