More Pedestrians and Cyclists = Less Congestion

Walking SA, in conjunction with Heart Foundation SA, have submitted the following Letter to the Editor, in response to the SA Government’s release today of Operation Moving Traffic.

Operation Moving Traffic has identified some effective ways to improve congestion (Advertiser 23 July) to deal with the ever increasing number of cars on our roads. However, road congestion will continue to get worse unless we address the fundamental issue; if we keep making it easier to drive we will encourage more cars on the roads. To address this, the Government’s initiative should also consider support for better active transport options. Such options will reduce car-dependence and as such reduce the number of cars on the road. This week the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference participants discussed how we can design and plan our streets for people, and improve infrastructure including signage and paths, to make it safer and easier for people to walk and cycle for transport. Not only will this help ease congestion, but it will improve the health of our community and improve the economy of our state.Heart Foundation SA and Walking SA
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