Park of the Month, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park, May 2017

Shepherds Hill Recreation Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for May 2017.

There are three great hikes in the park, and another good one that extends outside of the park into the adjacent Watiparinga Reserve walking to the old railway tunnel and viaduct.

Hikes in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park

River Red Gum Loop, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park1.

River Red Gum Loop

2.3km, 1 hour

Explore the river red gums and wildlife along Viaduct Creek on this loop walk. A wide well-made trail which is great for families with small children, as the trail is suitable for prams and beginner-level cyclists.

Seaview Loop, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park2.

Seaview Loop

2.2km, 1 hour

A loop walk along the wide fire-track which takes in superb views over the Adelaide Plains and of the coast. Great trail for walking the dog.

Grey Box Loop, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park3.

Grey Box Loop

2.9km, 1 hour

Explore the grassy Grey Box woodlands in the south of the park along this meandering single track trail.

Shepherds Hill Viaduct Track Loop4.

Shepherds Hill Viaduct Track Loop

6.1km, 2-3 hours

Explore the trails in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park. Follow River Red Gum Loop then through Watiparinga Reserve to the old railway tunnel and viaduct remains.