Nine new walking trails in Anstey Hill Recreation Park, Park of the Month

Anstey Hill Recreation Park is National Parks and Wildlife Service SA’s Park of the Month for March.

The park has recently been upgraded as part of a $10.4m plan to upgrade and develop more walking and cycling trails, public toilets, barbecue and picnic areas, and playgrounds in national parks close to the Adelaide metropolitan area.

There are now 9 marked walking trails in the park, which is vast improvement given there were only previously some unmarked walking routes. The new trails are mostly loops and depart from various trailheads, all with new carparks and trail information boards. The new trails include 3 that are for walkers only.

We’ve outline the 9 walking trails below:

New Walking Trails for Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Wildflower Wander1.

Wildflower Wander

1.4km, 45mins to 1 hour

The Wildflower Wander is a hike up a steep hill with rewarding views over the Adelaide Plains, as well as seasonal opportunities to view wildflowers including native orchids. The quiet gullies are a haven to a variety of small birds.

Wednesday Loop2.

Wednesday Loop

3.7km, 2-4 hours

The Wednesday Loop hike is 3.7km long circuit that mostly follows single trail which is used by hikers and mountain bikers. The trail begins near the main carpark in the former quarry. If you miss the formal trailhead and follow the main Quarry Track (also the Yellowtail Look), just 200 metres up the fire track the Wednesday Loop walking trail leaves the main fire track on the left.

Little Quarry Loop3.

Little Quarry Loop

0.65km, 20 mins

The Little Quarry Loop is a short, easy trail for people of all abilities. Suitable for prams and people with limited mobility access (wheelchair access). The trail features a gravel surface with many easy but optional trail obstacles and features. The trail begins near the main carpark in the former quarry.

Silver Mine Loop4.

Silver Mine Loop

2.5km, 2-3 hours

The Silver Mine Loop is a 2.4km long circuit hike that predominately follows wide fire track. The loop includes a short section of walking trail up to the Lookout, which has views and a picnic table. The hike passes several old fenced mine shafts near the Lookout.

Quarry Views Hike5.

Quarry Views Hike

1.1km, 30 mins return

The Quarry Views Hike is a short 1.1km hike around the top of the former quarry, offering views into the quarry. Keep a watch out for native birds and reptiles.

Pink Gum Loop6.

Pink Gum Loop

3.1km, 90mins

A challenging circuit hike along wide fire trails climbing a steep hill. The trail is good for walking dogs and trail running, although the fire track can be dusty and loose gravel on the descent.

Bursaria Hike7.

Bursaria Hike

4km, 1.5 hours

The Bursaria Hike explores some of the more remote areas of the park. The trail is named after the Bursaria flower which could be found flowering in the summer months.

Yellowtail Loop (Anstey Hill Loop)8.

Yellowtail Loop (Anstey Hill Loop)

7.5km, 2-3 hours

This 7.5km loop walk around Ansteys Hill Recreation Park includes some steep climbs, superb views over the Adelaide Plains, some of the wildlife of the park, and the ruins of Newmans Nursery.

Geological Hike9.

Geological Hike

1.3km, 30 mins

The Geological Hike is a quiet hike located in the little-visited south west corner of the park. The trail explores the geological feature known as ‘The Gun Emplacement’, with interpretive signage along the way detailing local history and the environment.