Park of the Month
Innes National Park

Innes National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for January 2020.

Below we’ve outlined 8 walks and trails to experience the park. The park is a great destination for camping, fishing, surfing and short walks to coastal lookouts. There is an abundance of birds and animals to see while you catch some of the best coastal views in South Australia. All of the park is accessible by 2WD, so it’s perfect for day visits and a paradise for beach lovers.

8 Walks and Hikes in Innes National Park

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk1.

Cape Spencer Lighthouse Walk

600m, 1 hour return, Easy Walk

This short walk provides spectacular views from Cape Spencer, including of the Althorpe Islands.

Inneston Historic Walk2.

Inneston Historic Walk

2km, 1 hour, Easy Walk

Explore the ruins of the old mining town of Inneston. This popular trail takes you back to the early 1900s and the gypsum-mining era. Interpretive signs tell the story of the close-knit community of Inneston. Beware of unstable ruins.

Stenhouse Bay Lookout Trail3.

Stenhouse Bay Lookout Walk

2.2km, 1 hour return, Easy Walk

A short walk around the headland above Stenhouse Bay. The trail includes seven viewing points with coastal views and interpretive signage showing glimpses into the mining history and vegetation of the area.

Gym Beach Hike4.

Gym Beach Hike

12km return, 4 hours, Moderate Hike

A hike through the unique flora and high sand dune areas between Browns Beach and Gym Beach. You may see a variety of birdlife and native orchids as you pass through the dense mallee vegetation.

Royston Head Hike5.

Royston Head Hike

5km, 2 hours, Moderate Hike

Experience amazing views of the rugged peninsula coast from the lookout point on the cliffs at Royston Head, including views of Wedge Island (32km west).

Thomson-Pfitzner Plaster Trail Hike6.

Thomson-Pfitzner Plaster Trail Hike

7.6km, 3 hours return, Moderate Hike

This hike follows the old wooden railway line that runs from Inneston to Stenhouse Bay, with a series of interpretive signs depicting the local environment and history.

West Cape Headland Hike7.

West Cape Headland Hike

1.2km, 30 mins, Moderate Hike (rocky trail)

A short hike taking in spectacular coastal views across the Spencer Gulf Marine Park & off-shore islands. There is a 360 degree lookout just 100 metres down trail.

Walk the Yorke, Marion Bay to Gleesons Landing8.

Walk the Yorke, Marion Bay to Gleesons Landing

This section: 60.5km, Trek

Enjoy the spectacular coastline around the rugged foot of Yorke Peninsula in this 3-day section of the 500km Walk the Yorke trail.