Proposed Adelaide 100 Walking Trail Progresses, March 2017 Update

We've launched a project website for the Adelaide100 trail at

Proposed Adelaide100 Trail RouteWalking SA continues to develop the unique Adelaide100 walking trail. We are currently finalising a budget to implement Stage 1 of our plan, and putting that together in a business plan, to seek funding support for the trail.

The major advantage this trail has in its implementation is that it uses existing trails to form the whole of the Adelaide100. As such infrastructure needs are minimised, as the various trail elements and their ongoing maintenance that make the Adelaide100 are already supported, so that what we are left to provide is signage on the trails together with interpretative signs at various locations.

Our vision goes beyond this thought to include a dedicated web site, an Adelaide100 trail app with many benefits and other features. We are planning a forum for all key stakeholders shortly at which we will present the next stage of the plan.