Report on Presidents’ Forum

Walking SA presided over the Presidents Forum which followed our AGM on 13th October 2016. There were four main items addressed including the chance for member feedback.

  1. Strategic Direction
    Wendy Keech presented the framework of the Strategic Plan Walking SA is developing for 2017-19 that builds upon the achievements of the 2014-16 plan. This included the promotion and marketing of walking; advocacy and growth of walking and developing infrastructure and services to support walking. Further, Walking SA is to raise its profile by promotion and marketing; partnership development and demonstrating strong governance and achieving financial sustainability.
  2. Adelaide100
    Jim Mclean presented an update of the Adelaide100 project and we had on display a large map of the Adelaide100 trail which drew strongly favourable responses
  3. Advocacy
    Executive Officer Greg Boundy presented on the increased advocacy role that Walking SA was taking and will further develop
  4. Member feedback
    There was support for Walking SA taking the stronger advocacy role particularly with specific concerns expressed re mountain bikes on walking trails.