Rising from the Ashes, Opening of the Kersbrook Trails Network

Mount Lofty Ranges Trail, logo squareIn 2012 the four loop trails through the forests around Kersbrook were upgraded and marked. The trails were to be opened in April 2015, but suffered substantial damage during the January 2015 Sampson Flat Bushfire. Throughout 2016 and 2017 work was undertaken to again upgrade and mark the trails. The trail network, formerly part of the Mount Lofty Ranges Trails Network from the 1980s, will be officially opened on Sunday 8th October 2017.

Official Opening

10am – 3pm Sunday 8th October 2017
Kersbrook Institute/Hall,
13-15 Scott Street, Kersbrook, SA 5231

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Official opening at 1pm by Hon Karlene Ann Maywald, former member of Chaffey

There will be some guided walks on offer, please attend at the Kersbrook Institute/Hall to register and join the walk.

The trails are:

  1. Morgan Loop
  2. Old Kersbrook Loop Trail
  3. Anderson Trail (in honour of the work of Thelma Anderson)
  4. Simpson Loop Trail

Some of these loops are short (5-7 km) and whilst this is hoped to encourage the occasional walker, for the more experienced walker most loops can be linked to form a longer day’s hike.

Guided Walks

On the day there will be guided walks to to experience the new trails. Meet at the central Kersbook Hall to join a walk.


Three other trails will be completed and opened at a later date:

  1. Devils Gully Link Trail
  2. Vixen Gully Link Trail
  3. Beer – Leane Loop Trail

The main trailhead signage will be opened at the Kersbrook Institute, and each trail will have its own trailhead with map and interpretive signage.

Printed maps will be available during the opening.