SA Adventure Activity Standards – update 2014


Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) are minimum, voluntary guidelines for organisations conducting outdoor recreation activities where the participants are dependent on the activity provider.

They are a valuable resource for all types of organisations, businesses, guides and leaders. Whether you are a business owner cross checking your insurance compliance, the Operations Manager of an outdoor activity provider updating your Standard Operating Procedures or a leader looking to refresh your activity planning processes.

We at Walking SA are playing a fundamental role in ensuring the Bushwalking AAS meets your needs. To date we have assisted in establishing a tight consultation group to review the first Bushwalking AAS draft and we happy to advise that in the coming weeks you to will have an opportunity to comment.

The update of the AAS will be facilitated throughout 2014 by Service Skills SA and we will do our best to keep you informed. So if you’re keen to contribute make sure you stay tuned.

Looking for more information? Visit the SSSA SA AAS Update Project Page.

Onwards and upwards SA Bushwalking community!

This project is being facilitated by Service Skills SA (SSSA) with support from Recreation SA and funding support from the Office for Recreation and Sport through the Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program.