30 Walks and Trails across the Parks of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island offers a variety of hikes and trails to explore the landscape and abundant wildlife.

Across Kangaroo Island there are 7 national parks and conservation areas that have 30 walking trails:

  1. Flinders Chase National Park and Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area (18 hikes)
  2. Kelly Hill Conservation Park (2 hikes)
  3. Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and Wilderness Protection Area (5 hikes)
  4. Cape Willoughby Conservation Park (1 hike)
  5. Baudin Conservation Park, near Penneshaw (1 hike)
  6. Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail, Penneshaw
  7. Western River Wilderness Protection Area (1 hike)
  8. Beyeria Conservation Park (1 hike)

We’ve outlined the 30 hikes below.

1. Flinders Chase National Park and Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area (18 hikes)

Discovery Walk1.

Discovery Walk

Easy walk, 400m, 10 mins return

This short walk will take you from the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre to the Walking Trail Information Shelter overlooking Black Swamp. Interpretive signs along the way will help hone your wildlife observation skills. Signs at the Black Swamp Lookout shelter give information about other hikes and walks accessed from here.

Heritage Walk2.

Heritage Walk

Easy walk, 1.5km, 30 mins return

With interpretive signs along the trail, learn about the life of the early settlers at Rocky River and the formation of the park as South Australia’s second national park as an island sanctuary for threatened species. A great walk for viewing koalas and other wildlife. The trail includes the Walking Trail Information Shelter overlooking Black Swamp.

Woodland Walk3.

Woodland Walk

Easy walk, 1km, 20 mins return

This is a sheltered stroll through sugar gum woodlands and acacia thickets. Listen for woodland birds along the way. The trail includes the Walking Trail Information Shelter overlooking Black Swamp.

Platypus Waterholes Walk4.

Platypus Waterholes Walk

Walk suitable for those with mobility issues including wheelchairs

Easy walk, 4.7km, 2 hours return

Platypus are rare in South Australia, but with some patience you might be in with a chance of seeing some on this walk. Birdlife, kangaroos, wallabies, geese, echidnas and goannas are regularly seen on this walk.

A shorter walk, suitable for those with mobility issues, can be accessed from the trailhead off Shackle Road.

Remarkable Rocks Walk5.

Remarkable Rocks Walk

Walk suitable for prams and strollers Walk suitable for those with mobility issues including wheelchairs

Easy walk, 1km, 15 mins return

A short wheelchair accessible walk along a boardwalk to the stunning geological feature of Remarkable Rocks. The granite boulders appear as seemingly artistic sculptures scattered across a larger granite dome. Interpretive signs explain the formation of the granite boulders.

Admirals Arch Walk6.

Admirals Arch Walk

Walk suitable for prams and strollers Walk suitable for those with mobility issues including wheelchairs

Easy walk, 800m, 15 mins return

A short stroll from the carpark down the headland to reveal Admirals Arch, a significant geological formation. View the pounding waves of the Southern Ocean. As you walk down, watch out for long nosed fur seals basking in the sun on the rocks. The boardwalk descends stairs down into a bay before emerging in Admirals Arch, where viewing platforms allow you to watch the seals closer.

Only the first 3/4 of the walk is wheelchair and pram accessible along the wide boardwalk, before the path descends down stairs into the arch – the arch and the seals there cant be viewed from the boardwalk. You can see some seals from the boardwalk.

Lighthouse Heritage Walk7.

Lighthouse Heritage Walk

Easy walk, 600m, 10 mins return

Take a stroll around the Cape du Couedic Lightstation and immerse yourself in history with the many interpretive signs. Marvel at the magnificence of the tower and the endurance of the lightkeepers and their families.

Black Swamp Hike8.

Black Swamp Hike

Moderate hike, 7.9km, 3 hours return

Linked with the Platypus Waterholes Walk, this half-day hike takes you through the diverse habitats of Rocky River. The trail meanders through forest and woodland, providing picturesque views of the river and opportunities to watch for Platypus. Listen for honeyeaters in the forest canopy, and look for delicate orchids in winter and spring.

Rocky River Hike9.

Rocky River Hike

Moderate hike, 13km, 3-4 hours one-way

Follow the shady paths along the pristine Rocky River through to Snake Lagoon. Experience the river bank communities, low woodlands and open forests. Even in the drier months spring-fed pools provide life giving water to birds, reptiles, insects and mammals. This trail is also the first day’s hike of the five day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.

Snake Lagoon Hike10.

Snake Lagoon Hike

Moderate hike, 4.2km, 2 hours return

This popular trail winds through Sugar Gums and mallee before descending into the Rocky River valley. The trail crosses Rocky River and meanders along its bank to the mouth, providing spectacular views through the valley and across the Southern Ocean.

Weirs Cove Hike11.

Weirs Cove Hike

Moderate hike, 2.8km, 1 hour return

Hike to Weirs Cove to where fresh supplies were offloaded by boat for the lighthouse keepers and their families, and explore the ruins and flying fox that brought supplies up the 90 metre steep cliff.

Cape du Couedic Hike12.

Cape du Couedic Hike

Moderate hike, 1.9km, 40 mins return

After doing the Admirals Arch Walk explore the area around the lighthouse further on this Cape du Couedic Hike loop trail. The trail meanders along away from the crowds, with viewing lookouts over the ocean and on the hilltop. Interpretive signs along the way describe plants and the way of life for lighthouse keepers and their families that tended this remote outpost.


Sandy Creek Hike

Moderate hike, 1 hour 30 mins return, 3km

4WD access only – Follow the banks of Sandy Creek across the creek bed and dunes to a remote beach. Be aware of powerful seas, freak waves and rips. Creek crossing required in wetter months.

Access: this trail starts from the Sandy Creek car park on West Bay Road.

Cliff Top Hike14.

Cliff Top Hike

Moderate hike, 1km, 30 mins return

A short walk from the lighthouse to the clifftop. Look for seals, whales and dolphins. An alternative is to start the hike from the vehicle entrance gate, where there is a small carpark and connecting walking trail to the end of the Return Road Hike.

Return Road Hike15.

Return Road Hike

Moderate hike, 9km, 3 hours return

Follow the lightkeepers’ old cart track. Shorter option to return after 800m to the Lightkeepers Cemetery, or 3.4km to Scotts Cove Lookout.

Ravine Hike (Ravine des Casoars Hike)16.

Ravine Hike (Ravine des Casoars Hike)

Moderate hike, 7.4km, 3 hours return

This trail follows the ravine valley to the coast, passing along the creek bank and high above the valley floor, providing spectacular views.

Harveys Return Hike17.

Harveys Return Hike

Hard hike, 1km, 30 mins return

A short hike down to Harveys Return (the bay) following the original route used by the Cape Borda lightkeepers. Keen walkers can continue down the old trackway, which is steep and a rock scramble, down to the bay.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail (5 days)18.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail (5 days)

Trek, 73km, 5 days

Spend 5 days hiking the spectacular coastline of south-west Kangaroo Island. Follow the Rocky River, walk along the wild west coast, take a side trip to Admirals Arch and the Remarkable Rocks, and walk to Hanson Bay.

2. Kelly Hill Conservation Park (2 hikes)

Burgess Hike and May Walk19.

Burgess Hike and May Walk

Moderate hike, 1.2km, 30 mins return

This circuit hike explores the tall, cool sugar gum forest above Kelly Hill Caves. Watch out for the many craters in the landscape that drain into the caves below. The trail passes the original cave entrance.

Hanson Bay Hike20.

Hanson Bay Hike

Hard hike, 18km, 6-7 hours return

Spectacular trail meanders from Kelly Hill Visitor Centre to Hanson Bay. It passes through banksia heath, Pink Gum woodlands, mallee and coastal heath, alongside freshwater lagoons, and over dunes to viewpoints that provide wonderful vistas inland and along the coast.

Although this hike is part of the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail it can be done by anyone – without the need for a Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Pass or ticket. If walking just this section, allow a full day for the return trip or try to arrange a pick-up.

4. Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and Wilderness Protection Area (5 hikes)

Timber Creek Walk21.

Timber Creek Walk

1.5km, 1 hour return

This walk at Murray Lagoon offers the visitor a tea-tree swamp experience. Waterfowl such as ducks, swans and waders flock to the lagoon to create a bird-lovers delight. Hawks and eagles prey upon the waterfowl, while chats and little grassbirds sing among the thickly vegetated shorelines.

This trail is currently closed

Following the Spring 2016 storms and floods this trail remains closed. Check the National Parks website for current information on the closure.

Curley Creek Hike22.

Curley Creek Hike

11km, 4 hours (11km) return

This hike follows an old fire access track which skirts the edge of Murray Lagoon. Walkers will not only discover a large range of birdlife but also a variety of vegetation communities.

Bald Hill Hike23.

Bald Hill Hike

1km, 30 min return

Bald Hill provides spectacular views overlooking Murray Lagoon and is an ideal spot to observe a variety of wetland birds as they feed from the lagoon below. In the distance the visitor can see the dense bush and impressive sand-dunes of the Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area to the south.

Tadpole Cove Walk24.

Tadpole Cove Walk

750m, 20 mins

A short walk exploring an old threshing floor and lookout at Tadpole Cove. Whilst farmers were using the threshing floor, they would stay in the nearby hut, now a ruin.

Cape Gantheaume Coastal Trek25.

Cape Gantheaume Coastal Trek

Trek, 33km, 2 days one way

Hike along the wild and rugged coast of Kangaroo Island out to the headland of Cape Gantheaume to an isolated pristine beach with New Zealand fur-seals.

This trek is currently closed

The Cape Gantheaume headland is subject to seasonal closures, usually from May through to the end of December. Check the National Parks website for current information on the closure.

This trek is suitable for experienced walkers only – there is no trail or markers for much of the trek. If you’re planning an overnight walk or longer, you must discuss your plans with a ranger.

5. Cape Willoughby Conservation Park (1 hike)

Cape Willoughby Lightstation Heritage Hike26.

Cape Willoughby Lightstation Heritage Hike

Moderate Hike. 1.9km, 1 hour return

A walking tour with brochure exploring the original settlement 1km from the lighthouse, positioned near the landing and sheltered from the raging southerly winds.

6. Baudin Conservation Park, near Penneshaw (1 hike)

Ironstone Hill Hike27.

Ironstone Hill Hike

Moderate hike, 4.2km, 1.5 hours return

Follow the start of the original bullock track to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, with spectacular views across Backstairs Passage to the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The park is located on the outskirts of Penneshaw.

7. Penneshaw (1 walk)

Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail28.

Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail

1.5km, 30 mins

Although not in a national park, we’ve included this walk at Penneshaw as a special mention.

Wander along the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail through the stunning trail built in a remarkable natural environment, located in the heart of the coastal village of Penneshaw. Explore the many surprises, scenic lookouts, ancient vegetation and the stunning ravine walls. Look for the ancient ghost tree, the resident kangaroos and wallabies, or just pause and reflect on one of the beautiful seats crafted from reclaimed timber from the Penneshaw jetty. The trail is an easy 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal at Penneshaw.

8. Western River Wilderness Protection Area (1 hike)

Waterfall Creek Hike (Billy Goat Waterfall, Western River Wilderness Protection Area)29.

Waterfall Creek Hike (Billy Goat Waterfall, Western River Wilderness Protection Area)

4.2km, 2 hours return

A quiet secluded walk following a track to Billy Goat Waterfall. Crossing the creek on stepping stones, the walking trail winds through shady sheoak trees to end at a lookout with views of the waterfall. Although the waterfall is high, it only flows during winter or after rains.

9. Beyeria Conservation Park (1 hike)

Beyeria Walk30.

Beyeria Walk

1.1km, 30 mins

This walk is a delightful short stroll through Kangaroo Island Narrow-leaved Mallee with broombush understorey in Beyeria Conservation Park.