Walking Awards & Forum, 13th October 2016

Walking Awards & Forum
13th October 2016, 7pm

The evening will be part of #walktoberSA

Drinks and nibbles from 7.45 – 8.00pm

Goodwood Community Centre
32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood SA 5034

Award Presentation

7:00 – 7:45pm
All welcome, including members & member clubs

We are publicly recognising the many volunteers and others who have contributed to South Australia’s great walking trails, walking clubs, and walking promotion and opportunities for health, wellbeing, recreation and tourism.

During the award ceremony we are present awards in five categories:

  • Longstanding Contribution /Distinguished Service Award – Individual
  • Special Recognition Award – Individual
  • Special Recognition Award – Group/Organisation
  • Local Government Award – Individual
  • Local Government Award – Organisation


8:00 – 8:30pm
All welcome>, including members & member clubs

A brief annual general meeting.

A detailed agenda will be made available prior to the evening.

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Any other business to be placed on the agenda
  3. Confirm the minutes of the preceding AGM
  4. Annual Report and Officer’s Reports
  5. Appointment of auditors
  6. 2016/17 Board
  7. Other business
  8. Meeting close

View Nomination form.

President’s Forum

8:30 – 9:30pm
All welcome, including members & member clubs

The Forum is an opportunity for our member walking club representatives to engage in an ongoing discussion with the Board regarding the future plans of Walking SA.

The forum will cover:

  1. Walking SA – Our future
    This will be an interactive update on the development of Walking SA, future plans and directions including the development of an updated Strategic Plan for 2017.
  2. Adelaide100
    This is our major project and an update will be provided on progress.
  3. Advocacy
    Walking SA is keen to establish a stronger voice for the all the walking interests by collaborating with all member clubs and organisations as well as the wider walking community.
  4. Members Forum
    An opportunity to share issues and activities of your clubs and organisations with the Board and all attendees.