Walking SA interviewed for Guardian article on Australians lacking hiking skills

Walking SA’s Chair, Rod Quintrell, was interviewed for a Guardian article about Australians lacking hiking skills.

Can’t read a map or use a first aid kit: Australians lack hiking skills, survey shows.
The nation’s outdoorsy reputation may not be fully deserved, according to the AllTrails app study, with many too scared to go on walks.”

Article link: theguardian.com

“It is about confidence to deal with the environment,” Rod Quintrell, chair of Walking South Australia said. “And how do we build confidence? With a little bit of planning.”

“People should respect the outdoors but shouldn’t necessarily be scared.”

“They should also endeavour to know themselves and their fitness and their ability.”

“People will fail to plan, they will go in the wrong footwear, the wrong clothing, with no water, at the wrong time a year, unaware that the track to the waterfall for example is really steep down … They overestimate their ability and underestimate the trail.”

Assess the weather, as well as a trail’s terrain, distance and steepness to ensure its difficulty will not surpass your capabilities.

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