Walking Trails to enjoy on Kangaroo Island, supporting the KI community post-bushfire

Are you looking for ways to support the Kangaroo Island community after the devastating January bushfires? Head to the island and enjoy one of the many walks that are confirmed as still open! From the pleasant 1km Beyeria Walk to the 4km Ironstone Hill Hike and 4km Fish Cannery Walking Trail, there are plenty of options to explore the island on foot.

Check out the full list below.

List created 5th February 2020. We’ll be updating the list as walking trails re-open.

Update December 2021: The new accessible Remarkable Rocks boardwalk in Flinders Chase National Park has now been opened after the previous structure was destroyed in the 2019-2020 summer bushfires.

13 Walks and Trails unaffected by the 2020 Kangaroo Island Bushfires

Ironstone Hill Hike1.

From Penneshaw: Ironstone Hill Hike, Baudin Conservation Park

4.2km, 1.5 hours return

Follow the start of the original bullock track to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, with spectacular views across Backstairs Passage to the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail2.

In Penneshaw: Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail

1.5km, 30 min loop

Wander along the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail through the stunning trail built in a remarkable natural environment, located in the heart of the coastal village of Penneshaw. Explore the many surprises, scenic lookouts, ancient vegetation and the stunning ravine walls. Look for the ancient ghost tree, the resident kangaroos and wallabies, or just pause and reflect on one of the beautiful seats crafted from reclaimed timber from the Penneshaw jetty. The trail is an easy 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal at Penneshaw. The new trail was opened in 2018.

Fireball Bates Trail, Historical Walk of Penneshaw3.

In Penneshaw: Fireball Bates Trail, Historical Walk of Penneshaw

3km, 2 hour loop

The historical walk begins at the Kangaroo Island Gateway Visitor Information Centre and loops down to near the ferry and back. There are interpretive signs along the way. A walk brochure, “Penneshaw Walks” is available for $4.50 from the Post Office (or the Kangaroo Island Gateway Visitor Information Centre – which is currently closed).

Prospect Hill, Kangaroo Island4.

Between Kingscote and American River: Prospect Hill

500m, 30 mins return

Climb the 500 steps to the top of Prospect Hill, the highest point on Kangaroo Island. Enjoy rewarding views of the island, and read some of the interesting interpretive signage at the lookout. The hike isn’t long, but climbs a long set up stairs up the remnant sand dune.

New steps were constructed and the trail reopened in September 2019, after being closed from early 2016 due to unsafe infrastructure.

Beyeria Walk5.

Between Kingscote and American River: Beyeria Walk, Beyeria Conservation Park

1.1km, 30 min circuit

This walk is a delightful short stroll through Kangaroo Island Narrow-leaved Mallee with broombush understorey in Beyeria Conservation Park.

Beach, Birds & Bush (Fish Cannery Walking Trail)6.

American River: Fish Cannery Walking Trail (also known as the Beach, Birds & Bush)

4km, 1.5 hours return

A trail through the scrub to the ruins of a fish cannery out near Ballast Head. The cannery was built in the late 1890s.

An easy, meandering walk through the bush, with birds in abundance, and native shrubs and orchids in flowering season. Along the way Glossy-Black Cockatoos can often be seen and heard feeding. Much of their habitat was ravaged in the January 2020 bushfires at the western end of the island, but their habitat here was untouched.

At the end of the trail the remains of a fish cannery can be seen. If you wander back along the beach and rocks, many seabirds and waders can be observed.

Independence Trail, American River7.

American River: Independence Trail

3.6km, 1.5 hour one-way

A walking trail along the lagoon foreshore to Remembrance Reserve (with a loop) and on to Independence Point. The trail is 3.6km one way or 7.1km return.

American River History Trail8.

American River History Trail

5km, 2 hour circuit

The small town of American River has a rich, varied and fascinating history. Follow the history trail and share some of the history since European discovery and settlement. There are twelve locations, a return walk of all locations is five kilometres. Many of the sites have interpretive signage.

This is a self-guided walk, grab a map and brochure from the box located near the River Deck Cafe at Buick Point.

Cape Willoughby Lightstation Heritage Hike9.

Eastern end of the island: Cape Willoughby Lightstation Heritage Hike

1.9km, 1 hour return

A walking tour with brochure exploring the original settlement 1km from the lighthouse, positioned near the landing and sheltered from the raging southerly winds.

Tadpole Cove Walk10.

Southern side of the island: Tadpole Cove Walk, Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

750m, 20 min circuit

A short walk exploring an old threshing floor and lookout at Tadpole Cove. Whilst farmers were using the threshing floor, they would stay in the nearby hut, now a ruin.

Timber Creek Walk11.

Southern side of the island: Timber Creek Walk, Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

1.5km, 1 hour return

This walk at Murray Lagoon offers the visitor a tea-tree swamp experience. Waterfowl such as ducks, swans and waders flock to the lagoon to create a bird-lovers delight. Hawks and eagles prey upon the waterfowl, while chats and little grassbirds sing among the thickly vegetated shorelines.

The walking trail is subject to flooding in winter months.

Bald Hill Hike12.

Southern side of the island: Bald Hill Hike, Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

1km, 30 min return

Bald Hill provides spectacular views overlooking Murray Lagoon and is an ideal spot to observe a variety of wetland birds as they feed from the lagoon below. In the distance the visitor can see the dense bush and impressive sand-dunes of the Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area to the south.

Extend the walk by doing the full 11km return Curley Creek Hike.

The walking trail is subject to flooding in winter months, but less so than the Timber Creek Walk which is the most susceptible to winter flooding.

Curley Creek Hike13.

Southern side of the island: Curley Creek Hike, Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

11km, 4 hours (11km) return

This hike follows an old fire access track which skirts the edge of Murray Lagoon. Walkers will not only discover a large range of birdlife but also a variety of vegetation communities.

The walking trail is subject to flooding in winter months, but less so than the Timber Creek Walk which is the most susceptible to winter flooding.