Walktober 2016 Report

walktoberSA, WSA email 1000pxWalking SA was delighted to receive financial support from the Office for Recreation and Sport to conduct our Walktober 2016 project in October. We carried out a range of activities and events all with the intention of fulfilling our organisation vision of “getting more people to walk more often”. We would like to thank all of those actively engaged during October. A significant effort went into our social media engagement as well as providing a range of resources on our ever expanding web site. For more details of what we did please refer to walkingsa.org.au/walktober

Of particular note was our “Trails Less Travelled” event where we focussed on promoting walking other trails to the summit of Mount Lofty. This event was extremely well supported but suffered due to the atrocious weather on the day. We would like to thank all our volunteers and participants who supported the event and despite the weather had a great time. Read about the 8 Ways to Hike Up Mt Lofty.