Adelaide street art trail – west

Walking Route Facts
2.4 km circuit
2-4 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Wheelchair Accessible, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Curated Collection
Adelaide street art trails
Adelaide City & Suburbs
Travel options
  1. Bus
  2. Car
  3. Tram
Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Adelaide street art trail – west

About the Walking Route

Colourful murals and incredible sky-high portraits can be found at almost every turn in Adelaide. Spend a day exploring the city’s laneways, nooks and iconic buildings to uncover the artwork by locals and artists from all over the world.

The walk includes 14 sites of street art around the West End of Adelaide.

Suitable for walking or cycling.

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Street Art sites

  1. Bebes Room
    Artist: unknown
    41 Gray St, Adelaide SA 5000

  2. Jive
    Artist: Lisa King
    An 80s inspired mural compliments this great live music venue and record store in the west end of the city (yes the mural is of 70’s Hendrix, not 80s.)
    181 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000

  3. ‘AUSSIE’
    Paste up by: Peter Drew
    Peter Drew is an Australian artist whose work is concerned with memory, nationalism, criminality, brown paper and mythology. Masters Degree from the Glasgow School of Art most prominent work is installed on city streets. He is best known for his AUSSIE poster series
    Philip St (near Light Square), Adelaide SA 5000

  4. Sia / Morphett Street Mural (eastern wall of Rockford Hotel)
    Adelaide artist: Jasmine Crisp
    Mural inspired by Adelaide music legend Sia Furler
    Changed in 2020 after Sia’s management complained the likeness to Sia was a copyright issue.
    41 Morphett St, Adelaide SA 5000

  5. Gresham Street Mural – Sonia
    Artist: Vans the Omega
    Mostly based in Adelaide Australia, Vans the Omega has been creating and painting letterforms for over two decades. Graffiti and urban art were early influences and from a young age he was fascinated by the scale and visual impact of graffiti and street art along train lines.
    Opposite 25 Gresham St, Adelaide SA 5000

  6. 11 Leigh Street – Corner Bistro
    Artist: ADNATE
    In laneway on Hindley St side of 11, Leigh Street, Adelaide, Australia, 5000

  7. Casablabla – 12 Leigh Street
    Artist: Zedr
    Near 12 Leigh St, Adelaide SA 5000

  8. Zhivago Nightclub Laneway
    Artist: Anthony Lister
    (west of) 54 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000

  9. Topham Mall – Lady Burra Brewhouse
    Artist: Vans the Omega (Joel Moore)
    4 Topham Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

  10. Cordwainers Lane (Anster St) – Mr Combs Coffee Bar
    Artist: Roy Soldiers Crew
    Off 60 Waymouth St. Anster St, Adelaide SA 5000

  11. Topham Mall Carpark, north face, Allens Place
    Artist: Fredrock (Fred Roldan)
    End of Allens Pl (near 72 Waymouth St), Adelaide SA 5000

  12. Eliza Street Murals
    12 Eliza St, Adelaide SA 5000

  13. Tatham St (southern end near Franklin St)
    Artists: Kaspar Schmidt-Munn, Thom Buchanan, Leah Grant
    1 Tatham St, Adelaide SA 5000

  14. 14 Tatham Street Murals (northern end, near Waymouth St)
    Artist: Vans the Omega (Joel Moore)
    2 Tatham St, Adelaide SA 5000

  15. Mellor Street Murals
    Artist: Vans the Omega
    11 Mellor St, Adelaide SA 5000