Beaumont Circuit – Circuit D, Burnside Walks

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3.5 km circuit
1.5 hours
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Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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1 hour or less
Beaumont Circuit – Circuit D, Burnside Walks

About the Walking Trail

From the intersection of Sherwood Terrace, Caithness Avenue and Hayward Drive, the trail follows a series of narrow switchbacks up the steep hill in to Mount Osmond Reserve, walking the Beaumont Link trail and some of the Pioneer Womens Trail. The trail here is well contoured and winds its way around the hills. There are options to use the very steep Centre Track, a fire track that intercepts the winding walking trail, as a shortcut.

The walking along Caithness Avenue passes a large plaque to commemorate the first commercial quarry. First mined in 1838, stone quarried here was used to construct the present Supreme Court in Adelaide. Walking along the road, the trail is still marked by large street signs, and provides glimpses of views over the Adelaide Plains.

Unfortunately, some of the trail markers within Mount Osmond Reserve are missing or vandalised, so following the correct trail correct can be more difficult. However there are so many trails and connecting trail options, you can easily walk out a way to walk through.

This walking trail is part of the Burnside Walks network, a series of trails around the hills on the edge of the City of Burnside, and in Mount Osmond Reserve. The trails are all well marked, with regular signs and numbered checkpoints that correspond to the excellent walking map.

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Parking is available in the roadside areas near 12 Hayward Drive, Mt Osmond, and at places marked with a P on the Burnside Walks Brochure.

This hike can be accessed by Adelaide Metro bus, via Bus Stop 20 Dashwood Road, Beaumont.


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