Beaumont, City of Burnside Historic Walking Trail

Historical walk Facts
2.5 km circuit
1.5 hours
Self-guided heritage walk with brochure
Suitable for
Walking, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Travel options
  1. Bus
  2. Car
Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Beaumont, City of Burnside Historic Walking Trail

About the Historical walk

The walk begins and ends at Beaumont House, at Stop 20, 631 Glynburn Road, Beaumont. A public bus service terminates a few hundred metres north on Glynburn Road and there is usually car parking outside Beaumont House.

There is a moderately steep uphill grade on the return from the Beaumont Common to Beaumont House.

Website & Brochure


Walk Contributor

Burnside Historical Society

A community based group that promotes interest in the history of the City of Burnside, including producing self-guided walking tour leaflets around Burnside areas.