Black Range Trek

Walking Route Facts
27.8 km one way
2-3 days
Suitable for
Trail Class
Grade 5, Trek
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Mount Remarkable National Park
Flinders Ranges & Outback
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Black Range Trek

About the Walking Route

A demanding trek from Mambray Creek, over the steep Black Range tracks to Grays Hut. From Grays Hut walk to the summit of Mt Remarkable and down to the town of Melrose, or walk along Spring Creek to Goats Rock Camp, making a loop and returning to Mambray Creek over Black Range.

As a challenging trek you will need to plan carefully with a topographic map. An alternative to this hike is the Mambray Creek to Alligator Gorge Hike.

Suggested Itenaries

  • 2 Day Return Hike
    Day 1: Mambray Creek to Grays Hut, 16.4km
    Day 2: return to Mambray Creek, 16.4km.
  • 2 Day One-Way Hike
    Day 1: Mambray Creek to Grays Hut, 16.4km
    Day 2: Grays Hut to Melrose via Mt Remarkable summit, 11.4km
  • 3 Day Loop Hike
    Day 1: Mambray Creek to Sugar Gum Dam Camp, 12.1km
    Day 2: Sugar Gum Dam Camp to Goat Rock Camp via Grays Hut, 7.4km
    Day 3: Goat Rock Camp to Mambray Creek via small loop north of Goat Rock Camp and south along Pine Track to re-meet Mambray Creek Track, then Sugar Gum Dam Camp, 19.2km


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