E.H. Coombe Walking Tour, Gawler

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E.H. Coombe Walking Tour, Gawler

About the Historical walk

This 4 kilometre walking tour of Gawler takes approximately 1.5 hours and commemorates the life and achievements of EH Coombe in Gawler, where he was born and lived for 56 of his 58 years.

Ephraim Henry (EH) Coombe is a significant person in the history of Gawler and South Australia. He was a business man, a journalist, the Editor of The Bunyip and the Member of Parliament representing the Barossa District. He used his position of influence to champion many social causes. These included temperance, votes for women and the defence of those who were persecuted during the WW1 period because of their German heritage. He opposed conscription and the closure of Lutheran schools.