Farina Cemetery Walk

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1.7 km circuit
1 hour
Suitable for
Walking, Mountain Biking, Motor Vehicle
Flinders Ranges & Outback
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Farina Cemetery Walk

About the Walking Route

Walk out to the cemetery, which was used from 1878 to 1960. There are 244 names registered as buried in the district and potentially here, and are recorded on the cemetery storyboards adn Farina Restoration Group website. Very few graves are marked with memorials. Quartz surrounds mark many unnamed burial sites and memorial crosses have been placed on each grave. The cemetery also contains a number of Afghan graves in the north west corner.

The walk is 4km return. If you are walking from the campground you can also take in the Farina ANZAC memorial on the rise above the campground.

For those less inclined to walk it is possible to drive to the cemetery.

The best time to visit Farina is during the winter months, particularly when the Farina Restoration Group has the Underground Bakery open.


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