Greenfields Wetlands Nature Trail

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1.3 km circuit
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Walking, Wheelchair Accessible, Pram Friendly, Get to by public transport
Wheelchair accessible
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Greenfields Wetlands Nature Trail

About the Walking Trail

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The wetlands are home to over 160 species of birds, eight species of fish, four species of frog, yabbies, long-necked tortoise and numerous aquatic invertebrates. More than 25 species of aquatic plants thrive in wetlands.

The wetlands provide flood protection and retention, improved water quality and aquifer storage and recovery.

The Greenfields Wetlands is a pioneering development, being one of the first large, constructed urban wetlands in Australia.

Self Guided Tours

The self guided tour takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Interpretive signage along the trails provides details of the rich and diverse wildlife.

The trail can be accessed 7 days a week between the cafe opening hours of 8am-4pm. Just push open the gate and enjoy the walk along the trails and boardwalks.

The south-eastern section of the trail (access from cafe), and the northern trail section (refer to map) is suitable for people with mobility access issues.

Please respect this fragile environment and observe these basic guidelines:

  • keep to the paths and walk, don’t run
  • keep noise to a minimum
  • no dogs permitted
  • no fishing
  • remove all litter
  • do not feed the birds
  • if you see a snake stay still and allow it to move on
  • ensure you have adequate sun protection and footwear



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