Hardys Scrub Hike

Walking Trail Facts
5.9 km circuit
2-3 hours
Suitable for
Hiking, Trail Running
Trail Class
Grade 3, Moderate Hike
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Onkaparinga River National Park
Adelaide Hills
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Travel options
  1. Car
Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Hardys Scrub Hike

About the Walking Trail

Map of Hardys Scrub Hike, Onkaparinga Gorge National Park

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Wander through this forest on walking trails and fire tracks. The grey box eucalyptus woodlands here once covered much of the western slopes of the southern Adelaide Hills, and very little has survived clearing for agriculture and urban development. Other vegetation communities here include pink gums in the sandy areas, and southern cypress pine.

The trail is well marked. The official Hardys Scrub Hike does not include the walking trail between points 3 and 5, but we recommend this extra eastern trail as especially delightful to walk through, with some good views. Be careful near point 5, as the marker here points straight on, onto a very faint walking trail which is hard to follow – we suggest turning left onto the fire track.

Walk directions

  1. Start at Gate 19 on Chapel Hill Road. Walk 50m down Wine Dam Track, turning left onto walking trail. There is a arrow marker here.
  2. When walking trail meets fire track, near picnic bench and Gate 16, turn right onto fire track
  3. Turn left onto walking trail (there is an arrow marker here)
  4. Continue along walking trail onto a scant fire track that follows the fence for a short distance, before returning into the forest (there is a small, old arrow marker here)
  5. We recommend turning left from the walking trail onto the fire track. The marker here points straight ahead, and a scant walking trail is present on the opposite side (although the start of it can be hard to find, the scant trail is marked with old faded ribbons and the returns to Gate 16)
  6. Turn right from the fire track onto the walking trail. There is an arrow marker here.
  7. Turn right from the walking trail onto the fire track. There is an arrow marker here.
  8. Turn left from the fire track onto the walking trail. There is a picnic table here and an arrow marker.
  9. There are dozens of faint animal tracks that cross the main walking trail around here. Some look like faint walking trails but ignore these and stay on the main trail.
  10. There are views here at the top of the hill
  11. The walking trail comes out a t-junction of a fire trail, continue straight on. There are no marker arrows here.



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