Hawker Heritage Walk

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4.2 km circuit
1 to 1.5 hours
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Walking, Dog Walking
Flinders Ranges & Outback
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Hawker Heritage Walk

About the Walking Route

Wander around Hawker and discover the fascinating history of Hawker.

There are 34 points of interest with interpretive signs.

Pick up a map from the Hawker Visitor Information Centre located in the petrol station on the corner of Cradock & Wilpena Rd, or download a copy to print or save on your device.

Hawker was proclaimed on July 1, 1880, and named after Sir George Charles Hawker, a leading figure in South Australian politics.

Before 1880, the area around Hawker had been taken up as pastoral lease by vast stations including Arkaba, Wilpena and Wonoka.

Hawker was laid out to serve the new railway line, known as the Great Northern Railway, which reached the area in June, 1880. Life revolved around the railway until 1956 when the route was moved further west.

In “Hawker… Hub of the Flinders” by Hans Mincham, he notes of the settlement of the town: ‘While most of Hawker remained simply pegged-out blocks of bluebush, the ‘top end’ of town where business activity was concentrated must have been as animated as an ant colony.’

‘Hammering could be heard all day long for initially all of the buildings were of wood and iron. There was keen competition to be first with any business to the public. Constantly teams of horses, bullocks, donkeys and even camels converged upon, or radiated from, the town, raising the dust in the dry year of 1880.’

Hawker still has a variety of historic buildings surviving from those early days and they can be viewed on the Hawker Heritage Walk. There are 34 sites – ranging from the Pioneer Memorial, to the Catholic Church, the Railway Station and an old pug and pine cottage – which will take you back in time.

Today, Hawker is known as the ‘Hub of the Flinders’ and remains a key town servicing the pastoral and tourism industries.


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