Day 3, Sanderson Section, Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

Walking Trail Facts
15.3 km one way
4.5 - 6.5 hours
Suitable for
Hiking, Trail Running
Trail Class
Grade 5, Trek
Part of a longer trail
Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Flinders Chase National Park
Kangaroo Island
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Day 3, Sanderson Section, Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

About the Walking Trail

Spend 5 days hiking the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail along the spectacular coastline of south-west Kangaroo Island.

We’ve listed each of the 5 sections on a separate entry:

Review of this Trail

In December 2016 we walked and reviewed the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Read the review.

This section: Day 3, Sanderson Section
Hakea Campsite to Banksia Campsite (near Sanderson Bay)

6.5 hours, 13km (15.3km with return sidetrips)

The third day’s hike is truly remote. If you start early, you can arrive at Remarkable Rocks well before any of the day’s crowds. The trail initially heads inland, through taller shady tea trees, before heading out to Remarkable Rocks. The granite boulders appear as seemingly artistic sculptures scattered across a larger granite dome. Returning to the main trail as it heads east, remember to look back to see Remarkable Rocks from any angle no-one else sees it from, as it disappear from view on the horizon. Entering the large Sanderson Bay, you will walk along the cliffs before heading inland, into the shade and away from the winds. Nearing the campsite, there is a short sidetrip down to Sanderson Bay, which if you can play it safe makes a rewarding swim.


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