Longer Loop of Burnside Walks, A, B, C + D circuits

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11.1 km circuit
3-4 hours
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Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Longer Loop of Burnside Walks, A, B, C + D circuits

About the Walking Trail

Explore the many walking trails in the Burnside Walks and Mount Osmond Reserve. The trails pass through stands of pine and eucalypt forest, along single walking trail, shared trails, fire tracks, and some roadside walking.

This walking trail is part of the Burnside Walks network, a series of trails around the hills on the edge of the City of Burnside, and in Mount Osmond Reserve. The trails are all well marked, with regular signs and numbered checkpoints that correspond to the excellent walking map.

This walk route combines some of the walking circuits in the Burnside Walks:

Walk Directions

Walking as a clockwise circuit:

  1. Begin this hike at the carpark on the corner of Gill Terrace and the South Eastern Freeway (near the Old Tollgate)
  2. Walk the Toll Gate Circuit (Circuit A) clockwise to Checkpoint 14
  3. At Checkpoint 14 leave the Toll Gate Circuit (Circuit A), walking north towards Seaview Road and Checkpoint 15
  4. This connecting trail between Checkpoint 14 and 15 connects on to the Wheal Watkins Circuit (Circuit B)
  5. Turn left at Checkpoint 15, heading downhill on to the Wheal Watkins Circuit (Circuit B). Follow it past Allandale Avenue, and back uphill to Checkpoint 16
  6. Turn left, and north, leaving the Wheal Watkins Circuit (Circuit B), walking the connecting trail between Checkpoint 16 and 24
  7. At Checkpoint 24, continue left (the main trail here), heading down into and along Hayward Drive and on Themeda Circuit (Circuit C)
  8. At Checkpoint 34, near the intersection of Sherwood Terrace, Caithness Avenue and Hayward Drive, the trail follows a series of narrow switchbacks up the steep hill in to Mount Osmond Reserve
  9. At Checkpoint 33, turn right and following the Themeda Circuit (Circuit C)
  10. Follow Gleeson Ridge (Circuit C) to meet the Old Bullock Track at the top of ridge
  11. Walk a short distance up the Old Bullock Track, until you reach the green timber sign with ‘Bullock Track’ on it. Here, turn right along the single walking trail. During winter when the grass is longer, you may not be able to see this single track from the previous intersection.
  12. The single walking trail heads south west, following Mount Osmond Road, past Mount Osmond Golf Course. The trail is well separated from the road, but as it heads further south it turns in to more footpath, and towards Danthonia Reserve becomes increasingly just walking on the road, or narrowly walking beside the guard rail.
  13. Watch out for Checkpoint 5 near Danthonia Reserve, the small sign is located behind the guard rail so can be easily missed. There are two tracks down in to Danthonia Reserve, the first an unmarked fire track, the second a single track walking trail at Checkpoint 5.
  14. Follow the walking trail down through Danthonia Reserve, past Checkpoint 12, and back to Checkpoint 11 which you passed early in the hike. Return the way you came on the Toll Gate Circuit (Circuit A) to the carpark down the hill, past the old mining chimney.


Parking is available at the carpark on the corner of Gill Terrace and the South Eastern Freeway (near the Old Tollgate), and at places marked with a P on the Burnside Walks Brochure.

This hike can be accessed by public transport:


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