Mambray Creek to Alligator Gorge Hike

Walking Trail Facts
13.8 km circuit
5 hours one-way
Suitable for
Trail Class
Grade 5, Trek
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Mount Remarkable National Park
Flinders Ranges & Outback
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Travel options
  1. Car
Mambray Creek to Alligator Gorge Hike

About the Walking Trail

Hike along the course of the Alligator and Mambray Creeks. The hike explores the river red gum and native pine forests that line the creeks. The hike can be done one-way in 13km and 5 hours, or a return trip as a long day for fit hikers. Some people may leave a car at the start and one at the end.

With multiple campsites and route choices this hike is ideal to camp out along the way and walk a loop. Extend the hike by exploring Hidden Gorge and The Battery, or the Black Range.

Suggested Itenaries

  • 2 Day Hike
    Day 1: Mambray Creek to Longhill Camp (near Hidden Gorge), 14.1km. Optional sidetrip into Hidden Gorge (3km return). Make camp at Longhill Camp and make a short trip north into Alligator Gorge to the Narrows (1.3km one-way) and the Terraces (2.3km one-way).
    Day 2: return to Mambray Creek, 13.8km.
  • 3 Day Hike
    Day 1: Mambray Creek to Longhill Camp (near Hidden Gorge), 14.1km
    Day 2: Longhill Camp to Kingfisher Camp via the Narrows, Terraces, Battery Ridge Track and Fricks Track, 14.3km
    Day 3: Kingfisher Camp to Mambray Creek via Hidden Gorge and Battery Ridge Track, 12.9km


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