Wedgetail Trail, Mount Bold Reservoir

Walking Trail Facts
9.4 km one way
3 hours one-way or 5-6 hours returna
Suitable for
Hiking, Trail Running
Trail Class
Grade 5, Trek
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Mount Bold Reservoir
Adelaide Hills
Trail manager
Reservoirs SA (SA Water)
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Travel options
  1. Car
Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Wedgetail Trail, Mount Bold Reservoir

About the Walking Trail

The Wedgetail Trail is the longest of the three trails at Mt Bold Reservoir.

This linear trail begins at the western trailhead at Gate 28 at the corner of Scenic Road and Golder Road, Kangarilla. The walk along the trail begins here with a gentle downhill slope on soft grassy fire track through a pleasant, thickly wooded native forest and continues for about 1km before crossing over Mount Bold Road. The trail continues through more undulating native forest until it comes to a very steep rocky fire track which gives the trail its more advanced Grade 5 rating (defined as “Very steep and difficult hills. Bushwalking experience required.”) For those who know Pengana Track in Cleland National Park will see a comparison, only this part is slightly shorter. The reward as the track comes to a T-Junction is the first glimpse of the dam wall to the left. Continue upwards and the trail meets the Lookout Trail and it is well worth the 280m side trip to the lookout.

Continuing along the hard surface trail for a short distance the trails veers left through more native forest and then undulates through pine plantation recently logged but you are rewarded with views over the reservoir. After about 5.5km the trail passes through mature pine forest for another 3km until it reaches the boundary trail and pleasant native forest again to the distant eastern trailhead. A pedestrian gate leads to another pedestrian gate access to Kuitpo Forest and Rocky Creek Campground across Razor Back Road.

The trail is a 9.4km one-way trail (or 18.8km return), so you will need to walk back again or organise a car shuffle. You can start from any of these four locations:

  1. carpark where toilets are available, located at the end of Mt Bold Road, Kangarilla
  2. the western trailhead at the start of the trail at Gate 28 at the corner of Scenic Road and Golder Road, Kangarilla
  3. the trailhead mid way along the trail on Razorback Road, Kangarilla
  4. the eastern trailhead at the start of the trail at the Rocky Creek Entrance to Kuitpo Forest, on Razorback Road, Jupiter Creek

The trail is marked with orange markers and orange on trail maps. Use the free Avenza app on your smartphone to see your location on the Mt Bold Reservoir Reserve map.

The trails in Mt Bold Reservoir were opened in December 2021.

Trails and reservoir opening hours

Dates Times
Daylight Saving Time (early October to March) 7.30am – 8pm
Standard Time (Winter, March to early October) 7.30am – 5pm
Total Fire Ban Days (generally occur between October and April – check on Closed

The trail is also closed during periods of operational activity (the gates will be closed).

Dog walking not permitted

Dogs are not welcome at reservoir reserves as they can carry harmful organisms that can easily contaminate the water and present a risk to the safety of the drinking water. Dogs also pose a threat to local native birds and wildlife. Assistance animals are accepted.


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