Mylor Conservation Park Loop

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2.3 km circuit
2 hours
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Mylor Conservation Park
Adelaide Hills
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Mylor Conservation Park Loop

About the Walking Route

Mylor Conservation Park Hike Loop map

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This loop through Mylor Conservation Park explores the open woodland of the park.

Numerous bird species inhabit the area, making birdwatching a popular activity. Keep an eye out for western grey kangaroos or eastern brown snakes that are often seen in the area.

Some trails on this loop are not well marked, and are indistinct at times. We recommend this walk for people confident with some mild bush bashing and navigation abilities. Walking anti-clockwise, expect finding the walking trail at (3) on the map to be difficult. If walking clockwise, expect finding the start of the fire track at 5 on the map to be difficult (walk to the bottom to the house boundary).

Walk Directions

  1. Start at Gate 1, at the carpark at the end of the bitumen section of Whitehead Road. Walking anti-clockwise, follow the bitumen Whitehead Track uphill.
  2. Veer right at the T-junction with the dirt Hakea Track.
  3. Finding the walking trail at 3 may be difficult, as the intersection is indistinct, and the trail unmarked. The trail between 3 and 2 is quite distinct 5-10m from the top (at 3), but the last hundred metres or so at the bottom, approaching 4, becomes indistinct. As you approach 4 you will see the Mylor Recreation Centre, now a Thai Forest Monastery,  on your right before you turn onto the fire track at 4.
  4. At 4, the walking trail meets a distinct fire track. Between 4 and 5 follow the fire track which parallels the boundary fence.
  5. Approaching 5, the fire track passes a house, and the fire track indistinctly ends. Find the sometimes indistinct walking trail which follows the fence from 5 to 6, and follow it, walking up hill.
  6. At 6, the walking trail meets the Centre Track, a wide distinct fire track. Pass the fire track, continuing on the walking trail. Between 6 and 7 the distinct walking trail is easily followed, as it meanders back to the main track at 7.
  7. Turning left at 7, follow the Heysen Trail markers.
  8. At 8, turn right, continuing to follow the Heysen Trail markers, back to the carpark at 1.

Walk Directions for a Secondary Loop

The secondary loop is an option for hikers less confident with navigation or following indistinct trails. It is easier to follow, the trails more open, and the gradient is gentler.

  1. Start at Gate 1, at the carpark at the end of the bitumen section of Whitehead Road. Walk clockwise for easier gradients, follow the bitumen Whitehead Track uphill.
  2. At 2, turn left on the walking trail
  3. At 3, turn right, following the fire track named Centre Track to 4
  4. At 4, turn left, following the walking trail to 5
  5. At 5, turn right, following the Heysen Trail almost to the edge of the park.
  6. Watch out for the harder to spot trail on the left. If you miss it, and make it all the way to the edge of the park, it is easy enough to retrace your steps to find the walking trail, as it can be easier to see from the other direction. Between 6 and 7 the walking trail is less used, but follows the fence back to the carpark at 1

Extend this Hike

Walk a 12km loop through Mylor Conservation Park, following the Heysen Trail to Stirling Cemetery, then the Aldgate Valley Nature Walk to Mylor.


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