Myponga Reservoir Trail

Walking Trail Facts
7.4 km circuit
2-3 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Trail Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Myponga Reservoir
Fleurieu Peninsula
Trail manager
Reservoirs SA (SA Water)
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Travel options
  1. Car
Travel time from Adelaide
1-2 hours
Myponga Reservoir Trail

About the Walking Trail

The trail follows the edge of the reservoir takes you through open plains, forested areas and native vegetation, with a couple of viewing areas along the way.

Update August 2023 – New trail options coming: 4 new named and signposted trails are coming soon (to be marked on the ground, and trailhead signs updated). These will use the existing trail network, but allow people to choose from a range of trail lengths and loops. The four trails will include distances such as a short 700m, 1.9km loop, 3.9k loop and longer 6.8km loop.

Updated 2023: we’ve marked a route that takes in most of the trail network. This full loop from the Hansen St trailhead (near the centre of town) is 7.4km, not including any sidetrips to lookouts. If you started this route from the Eatts St trailhead, and ignored the spur back to the Hansen St trailhead, this loop would be 5.3km long.

The trail is a 5.2km walk, including walking out to all lookouts. Without walking to the lookouts, the trail is a 4.4km circuit. Walking anti-clockwise, after Reservoir Lookout (the second reservoir viewing area) the trail loops back to the start via the elevated ground above the reservoir. There are several picnic tables along the trail.

The trail closer to the Hansen St trailhead along the reservoir edge is will made and suitable for bikes and prams, although if the reservoir is full there maybe water across the trail. The trail is unsealed, and is a shared-use path for both cyclists and walkers.

Most of the rest of the trails are fire tracks. The trails are flatter in the east, closer to the Hansen St carpark. There are more undulating hills in the west, west of the Eatts St carpark.

The trail through the forest is single track and more rugged, but a delightful journey into the forest along the water’s edge.

Where to start the trail

There are two main carparks with trailheads, as well as a third pedestrian only entrance.

  1. Hansen St carpark and trailhead, located at the end of the short Hansen St. This is located near the centre of Myponga, opposite the brewery. This is the smaller of the two carparks. There is a picnic shelter a short walk along the trail, but no toilets.
  2. Eatts St carpark and trailhead, located inside the park, access from the end of Eatts St. The carpark is located a further 400m drive into the park. This is the larger of the two carparks, and includes toilets and a picnic shelter.
  3. Minor pedestrian entry with street parking only, located midway along Eatts St.

Trail and reservoir opening hours

Dates Times
During Daylight Saving Time: (October to March) 7.30am – 8pm
During Standard Time: (April to September) 7.30am – 5pm
Total Fire Ban Days (generally occur between October and April – check on Closed
During reservoir operational activity (check on Closed (gates will be closed)

Dog walking not permitted

Dogs are not welcome at reservoir reserves as they can carry harmful organisms that can easily contaminate the water and present a risk to the safety of the drinking water. Assistance animals are accepted.


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