Penwortham Heritage Walk

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1.5 hours
Self-guided heritage walk with brochure
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Walking, Get to by public transport
Clare Valley
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Penwortham Heritage Walk

About the Historical walk

The picturesque village of Penwortham was founded in 1839 by John Ainsworth Horrocks. After arriving in Adelaide on his 21st birthday in March of that year, Horrocks ventured north on the advice of Edward John Eyre and finally settled at a fertile, well watered spot which he named Penwortham after his home in Lancashire, England. Horrocks wasted no time in settling the village and building a 2-roomed stone cottage which still stands today. Upon Horrocks’ untimely death in 1846 his plans for a thriv ing community died with him and today we are left with a quiet, charming village with a feel of days gone by. A walk around this historic village will reveal many places of interest and some surviving heritage buildings.

Approximate time for the full walk at a leisurely pace is 1.5 hours.

Pick up the walk brochure from the Clare Valley Visitor Information Centre or download the walk brochure.

Brochure prepared by the Mount Horrocks Historical Society.