The Pines Conservation Reserve, Kapunda (Taylors Run Walking Trails)

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1.9 km circuit
1 hour
Barossa Valley
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The Pines Conservation Reserve, Kapunda (Taylors Run Walking Trails)

About the Walking Trail

There are two walking trails at the Pines Conservation Reserve. The reserve consists of Taylor’s Run Reservoir, Kapunda Nursery and the forest.

The walking trails pass through the forest and loop around the reservoir, exploring the ruins of the reservoir workings.

  • Long Walk: 1.6km, allow 30mins to 1 hour. A loop of the forest, past the Turncock House and around the reservoir to the foundations of the workmen’s huts.
  • Short walk: 800m, 30 mins, a loop of the forest, past the Turncock House and walking along the reservoir wall

The Taylor’s Run Reservoir was constructed in 1879 to supply the town of Kapunda with water. At the time the town was thriving with copper mining activities. Water flowed from the reservoir to the town via gravity, and the flow was controlled by the Turncock House. The building has recently been restored and contains the original pipe and interpretive signage. The reservoir was the first country reservoir in South Australia.

The Kapunda Forest was established in 1882 by South Australia’s Conservator of Forests, and consisted of 4,600 pine plantings. Some of the pines was felled in the 1940s, but some remain today, which make the walking trails and picnic area very pleasant.

Keep a watch out for echidnas when walking.

The picnic area includes picnic tables in the forest, with lots of opportunities for kids to engage in nature play.

Visit the website for details of points of interest.


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